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Repent now and fix our ailing economy

by NM
14 Mar 2019 at 14:28hrs | Views

That Zimbabwe is on a downward trajectory is no secret. In fact we have been in descent mode for many a year. It is a tragedy. And the fact that the powers that be spend a considerable amount of time denying the truth and defending the indefensible does not help.

It is never a dishonourable thing to admit mistakes, wrongs and failure.  It is never a dishonourable thing to admit that one needs assistance and help. It is never a dishonourable thing to look in the mirror and see the truth. Where is the leadership in this nation?
Russia, China, America, the UK, SA and others have closed the door on huge bail out packages.

I don’t blame them, Zimbabwe has a disastrous track record on repayment of loans, misgovernance, maladministration, abuse of public funds and human rights. Pre-independence; this nation stood on her own two feet. And so why very quickly after independence did our so-called liberators see fit to quickly begin the process of getting us into a debt trap? In 1980 we inherited a pristine infrastructure, a strong currency and a sound economy. What happened?

The worst thing any government can do is to sell their nation’s soul for debt. This nation has huge capacity to stand on its own two feet. We inherited the “Jewel of Africa,” and Zanu PF has destroyed that heritage.

Our 39th independence anniversary is just around the corner and what do we have to celebrate? We have no national currency: we cannot feed ourselves: our infrastructure is decimated: our economy is zero: our formal employment stands at around 10 percent only and so the tale of woe goes on.

South Africa offers to lend us money to train police personnel — an astonishing thing indeed and Botswana have offered us a “band-aid” in medical accoutrements. We have become a nation of beggars and without the slightest iota of shame or embarrassment our clueless government officials fly off into the dark blue yonder, begging bowl in tow, to scrounge off all and sundry.

I love my country but am ashamed of the government. Not one of these Sadc or AU leaders have the courage to call a spade a spade and call out Zanu PF for what it is. Shame on you. All of you. I miss Ian Khama.

Instead of reading the riot act on crimes against humanity, the oppression of a people, overspending and rampant corruption etc they pat the destroyers on the shoulder and say, good on you old chap, we will join in the sordid chorus for the lifting of sanctions without any reform of excessive wrong. Disgusted doesn’t cut it.
I thank God often for the people who loved me enough to tell me the truth.

God’s Word teaches us that the wounds of a friend are precious and the kiss of the enemy. Africa does indeed have an almost complete dearth of principled, honourable, accountable leaders. They aid and abet Zimbabwe’s suffering.

If righteousness exalts a nation we have totally lost the way. How dare ED equate himself with God and Nelson Chamisa with Satan. In fact ED went as far as to say God failed to sort out his own household as the devil was up there.

I had to chuckle at Jonathan Moyo’s tweet reply. Our president, by default, needs to be reminded that God doesn’t fail in any way and that our incumbents resemble the dweller of the nether regions far more than the dweller of Heaven. In fact it would be a good time to repent and turn from the paths of evil.

True patriotic leadership would humble themselves, put their nation and their people first and call for serious national dialogue. The arrogance and the pride and failure to admit failure, ever pointing grubby, greedy, blood soaked fingers in the wrong direction is only going to end badly.

To be honest our politics has become a never ending tragic opera: a sick sort of joke. A dialogue with all stakeholders, a strong neutral mediator, a dealing with our past to lay a clear foundation for a future, a confession of wrongs, forgiveness and a unity of purpose to rebuild our nation using every single Zimbabwean will only result in the beginnings of a healthy restoration.

In the end it is not about any political party and their selfish power hungry agendas, but about a nation and God’s will for that nation.


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