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Mnangagwa's govt an enemy of its own people

29 May 2019 at 16:25hrs | Views
The failure of Emmerson Mnangagwa's government to fix the wayward economy is spelling disaster to the whole nation.

We do not need a rocket scientist or Prophet T B Joshua to tell us that our economy is in shambles and in  intensive care unit. It's unfortunate that the government pretends as if everything is normal and assume that one day Zimbabwe will wake up with the economy smiling at them.

As long as this current government keeps on making some threats,  arbitrary arrests on opposition members and abduction of innocent civilians instead of arresting the hiking of fuel , spiralling and skyrocketing of prices and failing to take a holistic approach to this cancerous disease called corruption, surely it will be exposing itself to poor governance and the people will react. The government is not proactive.  It is sad that Minister Chasi is advising people to ride bicycles to and from work. Surely our nation is heading for disaster.

No matter how much the government will try to cover up its weakening and tired strategy, it will one day come out. This is clearly exposing this military rule that the  coup whichwas carried out in November 2017 was without a necessary back up plan, hence the economy running amok like a headless chicken.

There are many cases of corruption being swept under the carpet every day and no one is arrested. No matter there is overwhelming evidence to such cases. In February last year the President assured  the nation that he was going to make sure that anyone involved in corrupt activities would face arrest and full wrath of the law but alas the nation is still waiting for the answer.

On the current Zesa - Audit the former boss Mr Chifamba has reportedly splurged US$ 600 000 on luxury-vehicles and we have also this current Intratek saga. Corruption has caused more damage than what sanctions have done. The country is burning and the government is trying to douse out the fire with paraffin. The scourge of corruption in the country has reached an alarming level.  The cartel is hard to break.

The only threat which Emmerson Mnangagwa 's government is facing is the economic and corruption challenges. Mnangagwa's government has lost touch with reality and he is always being overtaken by current events.

Arresting Non Governmental leaders  and frustrating them will not even move an inch in improving the ailing and sick economy. Mnangagwa 's government at this moment has lost its radar on how they can run and improve the country's economy which is in dire straits. The only thing he can do is to unite the people and must quickly swallow his pride and make an SOS call to the main opposition political party which he is ignoring at his own peril. A proper national dialogue is the way not this POLAD circus.

His government must make peace with whoever challenges them thus democracy.
No amount of attacking Chief Khayisa Ndiweni just because he attended an MDC- Alliance Congress in Gweru. Chief Ndiweni was simply speaking his opinions towards the current state of affairs. Everyone knows that Chief Charumbira always attends Zanu PF functions and why this hullabaloo about Chief Ndiweni attending MDC- Alliance Congress?

The failure to observe a moment of silent to a fallen and decorated National Hero Dumiso Dabengwa by Zanu PF's Members of Parliament was in a bad taste and will not solve the economic challenges the country is facing.

It is so disheartening to see some journalists being used as pawns by this regime in its clampdown against civil society. Real journalists will stand by the people during the times of need.
The government has no capacity to cow the people but instead should listen to the plight of Zimbabweans who are living in abject poverty.

Most Zimbabweans  living locally and abroad have become so fatigued by the empty promises and lies emanating from the government which has dismally failed to govern the country.


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