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Beware of ZanuPF's Tricks

25 Jun 2019 at 12:38hrs | Views
One reads "ZanuPF Youths Expel Obert Mpofu" and quickly it rings to the reader that corrupt leaders are being chucked out. But wait and look back. Let us remember the ZanuPF Baba Jukwa phantom. After many publications of rumours by Baba Jukwa many thought that someone was trying to do something. Some people were even arrested for being the Baba Jukwas. A lot of hot air was published but ZanuPF remained intact, effectively bringing down whatever economic infrastructure remained. It was only after the election that people realised that Baba Jukwa was a ZanuPF ploy to draw away the attention of the electorate from real economic issues while ZanuPF was engaging Nikuv to rig the elections.

Then there was the military coup of November 2017 where everyone was invited to join the march against the tyrant Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace. One can even recall the voice from a vehicle that was calling on supporters of other political parties such as Zapu to join in the march. Indeed what a joy it was to remove the once mighty Gushungo! But once Mugabe had been effectively removed, Obert Mpofu and Patrick Chinamasa emerged and declared "this is a ZanuPF affair". It was theirs up to today.

So now we read that Mugabe`s loyal son who has owned virtually whatever he has dreamed of has been removed by the Youth League Deputy Secretary. Of course Obert Mpofu has had a full earthly life. He has owned a bank against all the economic odds, and he has owned a newspaper in a country where there is no press freedom. He owns some of the largest buildings in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. Talk of his farm and livestock, he just has it all. There have been lies, half-truths and truths about how he has built up his wealth. Most of the stories are very negative ranging from alleged usurping of whatever he has wanted anyhow to deliberately refusing to pay workers who have worked for years. He is alleged to have practically benefited from slave labour using his political muscle.

The RBZ Dr. Mangudya is accused of sending some cash onto the street for the forex dealers. This is what the ordinary man in the street believes so the ZanuPF Youth League now takes it up. The idea is to hoodwink the public into believing that they have seen the rot and they are now putting their house in order. As Zapu Youth Front, we know that these ZanuPF- eats-ZanuPf solutions cannot solve the socio-economic evils that they have created and maintained during the last 4 decades.  Of course it is interesting to read from their children that these political giants are corrupt. We urge the people of Zimbabwe, our motherland to take note of that. What we have been saying all along is now being publicly confirmed from within ZanuPF itself. However, it is not only these few who have been mentioned. ZanuPF is a house of looters generally and the Youth League is trying to divert the attention of the nation into believing that there is now a struggle to eliminate the causes of our disgraceful economic predicament. The real issue is this financial collapse that we all now see as a result of deliberate and blatant economic mismanagement by the ZanuPF rulers.

We want to advise the youth of Zimbabwe that there is no "ZanuPF affair" that will change this suffering. As Zapu Youth Front, we are convinced that it is only talks leading to a Transitional Governing Authority that will implement the necessary democratic reforms capable of bringing change. Just as ZanuPF's own solutions are futile, we believe that talks to share government posts with certain individuals will be of no benefit. The problem in our country is now beyond just some individual sagacity, political popularity or some international connections. It needs all Zimbabwean political persuasions and civil society to come together.

Source - Lovejean Ndlovu: Zapu Youth Front Deputy Information Secretary.
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