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Jobless and witless Sikhala

13 Jul 2019 at 07:55hrs | Views
Well, when I see jobless and witless Sikhala what comes to mind are Tom and Jerry gimmicks!

The MDC-Alliance might have tried hard to openly disown him on his utterances, but we are not fooled. That is politics. There has been live discourse in MDC-Alliance about the prospects of dethroning the Government.

Nelson Chamisa himself supports the idea of dethroning President Mnangagwa, and this is precisely the reason why he has refused to acknowledge ED as President. Job read the script of his party, but as usual was too stupid to be the harbinger of news. These guys are together in belief and mischief.

We are not going into the merits and demerits of Sikhala's court case, but will give you another perspective - a juicy one.

Job is a close relative of Walter Mzembi, their matriarchs are sisters from the BaSuthu in South Africa, who came to Zimbabwe as baggage from Wenela. The light skin in Job and Walter is telling of the BaSuthu gene factor.

The arrogance is telling too.

Does it then ring a bell why self-exiled Walter, who is making efforts to change name to John Malethi, is a fugitive hiding in South Africa? He is with his maternal relatives. We are told he is doing the nephew duties of herding cattle and goats. How nice?

That is what a fall from grace does. It comes with a loud thud. When you then factor in that Job is Mzembi's lawyer and has been using every dirty tactic to have Walter's case collapse, it makes sense. These are very close relatives.

While Job's parents have a farm in Gutu, Masvingo the Mzembi family settled in Rupike, Masvingo South.

This is a close knit family because of the BaSuthu matriarch factor. It is a known secret that after Walter failed to raise legal fees, Sikhala agreed to represent him on a haggle trade. Others call it barter trade. Mzembi offered a stolen vehicle in the deal.

Stolen in that Mzembi did not register in Government assets register 12 cars donated by UNWTO for the 2013 hosting of the General Assembly as Government property. He gave his father-in-law, who had relocated to Zimbabwe from Cuba, donated some to friends and girlfriends.

We are sure Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo and her anti-corruption sniffers' ears are not for mere demureness. Our mole tells us that a few days before the infamous statement, Job had been inspecting the vehicle and working on changing documents.

Wiwa, Wiwa, Wiwa! The man known to walk barefoot, in shorts and sleeveless T-shirts in St Mary's, is dreaming of driving the blue twin cab? Life is good! Meanwhile, we are trying by all means to avoid touching Mzembi's wife Barbra, the effervescent iron lady, who ran the ministry on behalf of her husband.

Barbra, who was Mzembi's hairdresser while studying in Cuba before becoming wife, ran the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry during her husband's tenure, like home. She decided what trinkets were for the office and which were for home. She decided who deserved welcome drinks at the office. She handled the Ministry's cash once released from Treasury, much to the chagrin of employees.

Many times Mzembi referred employees to his wife on the ministry's finances. Every dog has its day. We know why Mzembi allowed her, but we will keep that juicy part for the next instalment.

MDC Zoo and Circus MDC-Alliance is a combination of a zoo and circus in which the leader Nelson Chamisa is the chief clown. After the August 1, 2018 madness, Chamisa disowned party supporters, who participated in the riot and labelled them stupid. He disowned them, although he was fully behind it 100 percent.

Thinking he is smart, he once again disowned the party supporters, who participated in the January 2019 looting and riots, yet we all know, he was behind it. Now he disowns Job Sikhala. The trend is growing. But it is the characters in MDC that make the whole set up a zoo and a circus.

Zoo and circus mentality is fun and meaningless. Look at Chalton Hwende, the chubby one. Look at stone and rhino-faced Morgan Komichi?

Can anything good come out of Amos Chibaya, Mkoba's most known thug? What can dignify Tendai Biti? Then you add the dimwits that the kindergarten youths are.

The party is not favoured with good ladies too. What with Johanna Mamombe and Fadzai Mahere? It is all a zoo and circus. We hear there is now simmering fissures about Chamisa's leadership style. They are now counting his mistakes. Leadership and eating jiggies are different. Let the boy enjoy the jiggies and grow up.

From FC Platinum with love Well, football is a great game it involves scoring. Fancy footwork, dribbling, passing, positioning are all meant to result in goals. Most of the boys, who knock around the round animal leather, really want to score. We are told FC Platinum, one of the most successful teams in the recent past, and is not doing exactly that well, has its boys score big time on one of our veteran sisters.

While the white goalposts are becoming more and more elusive to them, the sister knows no goalkeeping, and hence allows them in one by one. We are told Coach Norman Mapeza has now declared our sister persona non grata, or PI. He no longer wants to see her anywhere nearer his boys.

We are told each time our sister went to cover a match there, the boys would shift their attention to her onion-shaped stature and she provided the other goal area. Gifted with stamina, an electric smile and a body decorated with trinkets of nature's exhaustless generosity, our sister's appearance made the boys' blood to run hot.

She is said to be generous too. Mapeza is said to have discovered that his boys scrambled to score on the sister and not on the football pitch. But soccer players are not good at secrets. They talk. They share notes, even. They say our sister is gifted. We wish her well, nothing more, nothing less!

Gems need no money to prove their worth Someone should tell our brattish football guys that it's not always about the big money, but the passion to represent the nation that always matters.

The Zimbabwe netball team demonstrated that yesterday when they gave the nation something to smile about after winning their first World Cup game against Sri Lanka in Liverpool, England.

These women are a different kind of folk. On their first World Cup appearance, they start with a win! This is the kind of performance that history will always remember. Most of them play in the amateur leagues where they earn next to peanuts. But they put all that behind when they donned the national badge. Hats off to our Gems . . . The Zimbabwe senior netball team, Zimbabwe Gems made the nation proud yesterday The performance against an experienced side like Sri Lanka was just fantastic.

Remember, they did not leave the country with thousands of dollars to buy their best performances. No, they did it for their country even under the not so good environment. Unlike the spoilt Warriors, most of whom play in lucrative foreign leagues, we have never heard of anarchy in the camp and threats of boycotting the tournament.

They are not earning anything close to the US$5 000 appearance fees demanded by our Warriors, although the World Cup is a bigger tournament compared to the AFCON.

Yes, they are playing at a grandiose stage! Yet they had to make do with limited resources at their disposal, thanks to the Government and the corporate world, who made the trip to Liverpool a success. It's a public secret that it hasn't been an easy road for the girls. It made sad reading that the girls were camped at an old primary school in Mbare, surviving on sadza and vegetables until the corporate world saw their resolve and decided to jump in at the last minute in support of their cause.

The nation on the other hand was busy, very busy pampering the Warriors with luxurious five-star camping facilities, thousand dollar appearance fees in hard currency, and also had the profligacy to charter flights for supporters to Egypt.

Sad, the same Warriors who drew the whole nation's attention came back from Egypt empty-handed. They even displayed their mercenary attitude by demanding more than they had initially agreed upon with their ZIFA leadership leading to a nasty standoff and threats to boycott the AFCON tournament in Egypt. What they brought home was controversy and shame. This was a very bad advertisement for the great nation of Zimbabwe.

Dear Warriors, it's an honour to be chosen to represent the nation at any stage and please know that national projects, like the AFCON and World Cup, are not money-making jaunts.

Remember, two years ago the same Warriors outfit humiliated President Mnangagwa, when he was then Vice President, when they snubbed a send-off dinner he had organised for them all because of money. What kind of people are these? Are they really Zimbabweans?

Imagine children boycotting their father because they want money upfront before meeting him? The President still demonstrated the fatherly love in him when he went on to give them $1 million for the 2017 AFCON edition held in Gabon. Shame on you Warriors! Hats off to our Gems. Please continue in that path and you shall surely be rewarded after the mission is accomplished.

Source - the herald
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