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Zimbabweans must ignore Chamisa's calls for anarchy

16 Aug 2019 at 00:00hrs | Views
TODAY is the day for peace-loving and patriotic Zimbabweans to shame merchants of violence by ignoring calls for violent demonstrations by the Mr Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance whose agenda is to try and unseat a democratically elected Government.  

This is despite the fact that Mr Chamisa and his party were rejected by the people in the 2018 harmonised elections and continue to be snubbed by the people in the respective by-elections held across the country since the national polls.  

It is ironic therefore that Mr Chamisa still wants to portray himself as Zimbabwe's "saviour" when the people have been clear in their rejection of his party with the recent three by-elections in Matabeleland North where the ruling Zanu-PF party snatched all contested seats.  

The people expressed their confidence in President Mnangagwa and his government in the 2018 elections and have continued to affirm his leadership in the by-elections that have been held since then.

As a result the ruling party has totally taken away any basis for Mr Chamisa to pretend to act on behalf of a nation whose majority has rejected him.

Mr Chamisa therefore wants to plunge the country into chaos in the vain hope of effecting an illegal regime change, efforts that would be adequately dealt with by the relevant arms of the law.  

The police yesterday unmasked the MDC Alliance's plot to unleash violence, revealing that they have recovered some weapons that the opposition party and its supporters wanted to use in bringing chaos in the country.  

The police said the party was also intimidating residents in Harare into joining their demonstrations.  

"The Zimbabwe Republic Police informs the nation that based on the notifications given by the MDC 'A' to regulating authorities to hold a demonstration in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo and Mutare and surrounding towns on 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd August 2019, intelligence and concrete evidence on the ground has revealed that indeed the so- called 'peaceful' demonstrations will turn out to be violent," said Asst Comm Nyathi.

"It is a fact that police recovered a substantial quantity of granite stones and catapults stashed in sacks and were delivered by two vehicles which had no registration number plates at Corner Nelson Mandela and Innez Terrace, Harare, during the night on 13 August 2019. The vehicles went on to drop sacks containing unknown items to some street kids at Corner Robert Mugabe/Harare Street, Copacabana commuter rank and disappeared. The sacks were then taken away by unidentified street kids who suddenly disappeared into the darkness."

Asst Comm Nyathi said the police will remain vigilant and won't fold their arms in the face of lawlessness by the MDC Alliance.  

"The Zimbabwe Republic Police is fully monitoring the situation and will thus not be distracted by insinuations that the demonstrations will be 'peaceful' yet on the ground the situation has openly indicated a violent mobilisation of the so called protests.

"Police reiterate that security services will not fold hands and allow violence, destruction of property, intimidation, threats and clandestine night acts of violent agitation to take centre stage. The ZRP is disturbed that these purported demonstrations by the MDC 'A' and partners have shown open violent acts which are physically manifesting on the ground," he said.

"Members of the public are implored to remain peaceful and continue to conduct their normal day to day activities. The ZRP assures all citizens of its readiness to provide security and maintain law and order throughout the country without fear or favour."

The President has long extended an olive branch to patriotic Zimbabweans for dialogue towards the prosperity of the country which has been spurned by Mr Chamisa who wants to hold the country at ransom using the party's proximity to some Western countries that have for many years sponsored the illegal regime change project in our country without success.

Zimbabweans should be informed by the futile January protests also organised by the MDC Alliance and how they were only successful in destroying property of private citizens and businesspeople, some of whom are yet to recover from the cost of the destruction.  

It should be a reminder also that anarchy does not and will never work but only dialogue as has been repeatedly said by President Mnangagwa.  

He reiterated his message yesterday when he said: "The recent national holidays remind us that our strongest asset is our unity. I reiterate my calls to all opposition leaders that my door remains open and my arms remain outstretched. Riots and destructive violence must be rejected; peaceful constructive dialogue are the way forward."

It is the responsibility of Zimbabweans therefore to choose the path that will take the country to better prospects and not regression through violence and destruction of property for selfish reasons by a political party and leadership that cannot come to terms with the fact that they are not the people's choice.

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