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The Zanu-PF Youth League

23 Aug 2019 at 19:01hrs | Views
The organisation or should I say one of the structures of Zanu-PF, their youth league is one hell of a problem in this country.  A totally antidemocracy force that usually takes the law into their hands. It is born out of corruption and heavy handed violence. They can masquerade as police officers with full police gear, arrest/kidnap and beat up people. They can also masquerade as CIOs at times, with lisences to conduct any sought of violence against the opposition. They control distribution of food in hunger stricken rural areas, keeping Zanu-PF in control in preparation for any election.

These Zanu-PF goons operate with such impunity and are availed with tender awarding opportunities in the name of "indigenisation' to nature their avarice. The membership here is also a license to getting good land and bank loans that are at times not paid back - it is easy life. Whoever doesn't know this does not live in Zimbabwe or is always asleep. It's  notorious gangsterism that is antidemocracy that we must fight tooth and nail. It is obvious, like their sister organisation the war vets, they are anti reforms. They have job opportunities too.

They can join the uniformed services and any government ministry anytime, which is why the civil service is overstaffed. This is why the anticorruption commission has a mammoth task requiring a lot of transparency where no body should be above the law, but in our case, a lot of people are above the law including those that have the responsibility of putting these commissions together. So, it's just a none starter.

The foolishness in us is giving to many powers to the so called president and I just can't find the reason for doing this that people entrust their entire lives to one man as if you had a communication  with the almighty assuring you of some righteousness in him, stupid. This happens to be an insecure man who needs a lot of bodyguarding like a gangster, why?

This insecurity is either the issue of leading people who don't want you or of roughing too many people's feathers or a lot of both. He can't even go to the toilet alone in case  someone is waiting to strangle him in there.

Shame Zimbabwe. It looks like we are in this for a long long time, the endless world horror film show. Many a country have learned through the foolish Robert Mugabe legacy and improved their governance, yet his thugs still celebrate his horrible reign. We have become a textbook of bad politics and many have researched on our failures to improve their politics yet we are realing under a Robert Mugabe student torture who continues from where the old thug left, killing some of us while the world stands and washes.

Clemen Moyo
+263 712 708 284/777 662 090

Source - Clemen Moyo
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