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Mnangagwa needs to learn and learn well

26 Aug 2019 at 20:29hrs | Views
What President Mnangagwa needs to learn and learn well is the importance of being a president of a nation, particularly a jewel of the continent like Zimbabwe is to Africa. He needs to take stock and compare the state of this country during the Rhodesia era and the zanu pf era.

There is a huge difference just like the colours BLACK and WHITE and embarrassingly so too. His era now is different from the era of being a Robert Mugabe purge boy. You see a human being who is not embarrassed by failure is not fit to live. A human being who does not measure his performance and is not jealous of another's better achievements than his, is not fit to live.

A president or any leader for that matter, who is so afraid of opposition that he chooses to eliminate it than using a selection of its ideas to strengthen his reign by working with it is a bad leader and should never be allowed to rule a country like Zimbabwe. So was Ian Douglas Smith, so was Robert Gabriel Mugabe and so is Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. So was Rhodesia Front and so is Zanu PF.

There are no sacred cows, failure is failure and should not be mistaken for success. Zanu pf is failure at its best and so is its leadership with horrible marks all round. Rhodesia Front on the other hand has a beam of light in its dark days. They ran the economy so well even when they were under sanctions and had a war to finance. Their economy was neated so well that it took the plundering of Robert Mugabe thirty years to completely obliterate, go sick with it and probably die with it.

Rhodesia was getting to the stage of manufacturing train engines but Zimbabwe cant even cane beef. In came Emerson Mnangagwa who has proved to be completely clueless too. He didn't need Mthuli Ncube with Tendai Biti at his disposal, who has been the best finance minister ever in the Zimbabwe era, not my kind of politician but you can't beat the best.

Now, all government institutions are dead killed by corruption infection. What do you do? You need to be brave and consult the 15 million Zimbabweans or negotiate with the most powerful leader of the opposition. He is a Zimbabwean for God's sake and has probably got better ideas.

A civet cat will puff all day but it will never feel its smell, but you wouldn't last a second the in same environment, so is Zanu pf and it's entire leadership. No no no not globe-trotting again with so many electricity bills to pay, it's too expensive and yields nothing, the mighy Tendai Biti demonstrated that with a measure of success.

Emerson Mnangagwa keeps running away from trusted minds like David Coltart for an example, who have demonstrated some love for their country and the willingness to help. Coltart's last interview with Trevor Ncube tells the Zimbabwe story in full.

When are we as Africans going to learn to do the right thing, engage the opposition and borrow their ideas. They are part of the drill man. You keep running away to Russia and China who are quick in supplying you with weapons, to do what? To kill your brothers and sisters?

Is that what Mnangagwa is good at. Yes dialogue is needed for a solution. Don't be deceived people, Mthuli Ncube is good at putting those degreed words together, but we don't eat that and all the talk about prices going down is fallacy in fantasy, his delaying tactics so he can continue 'eating'.

Dialogue under a neutral chair is urgent. POLAD is nothing but political tourism with parasites.

Mnangagwa needs to stop being a coward and engage Chamisa for a lasting political and economical solution otherwise his refusal to do so confirms he rigged the 2018 elections. We know he doesn't want to do it, but, you know what, he will do anywhere. Is it embarrassing that the country's key to success is in opposition hands - yes it is.

Clemen Moyo
+263 712 708 284/777 662 090

Source - Clemen Moyo
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