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The mantra customer is king matters no more

by Tondo
04 Sep 2019 at 13:10hrs | Views
As I saw it, TM Chadcombe bottle store has been closed for the whole of past week, reason given, licencing issues.

Where two elephants fight the ants will suffer, we the consumers and residents of the area are suffering. We are the ants and to add salt to the would and rub it in, on Tuesday the 3rd of September whilst queuing to buy groceries from TM Chadcombe, I was told the system had gone offline.

Imagine the embarrassment and humiliation after having piled items at the counter. Only those with cash and swipe could buy.

Ecocash and other online were sent packing minus grocery. A fellow customer caught up in the same predicament tilted his head to my ear and said the shop was raising 'cash' and later on staff would get 'generous cash back amounts'.

Really TM, if the allegations have a grain of truth then shame on you TM. No beer and no bananas, why, why? Are others more equal than others? Are we not all Zimboz and equal before God and country.

My children could not get the polony and bananas they asked for and above all, I could not get my lager beer. Does TM have a know your customer policy? I am not a buyer but a client, without fail like the sun I buy from TM every time.

Leaving my groceries behind was like going without part of me. TM is 'our shop' but it now seems the customer is king mantra is the biggest joke around. Maybe, only money matters matter.

After all, customers are expendable.

Tondo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo
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