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Just a little violence on civilians satanic?

06 Sep 2019 at 06:01hrs | Views
This is the arrogant advice given the South African leader by a Head of State of a neighbouring country ravaged to the ground by yet to be punished genocidists wallowing in the endless comfort of the culture of impunity. Cyril Ramaphosa can only drink from this poisoned chalice at his own peril . The attempt to export state violence against civilians has serious regional security implications SADC, AU and UN cannot just fold their arms and ignore. Of course the impression that one can subject a defenceless civilian population to a state sponsored ethnic cleansing orgy of mass murders, maiming, rape and plunder without consequences as is the case in Matebeleland comes from an ugly history of zanupf orchestrated tribal hatred in post independence Zimbabwe against the people if Matebeleland.

The escape route for the Matebeleland genocide perpetrators which remains gaping is the lack of consensus on what amounts to crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe, that Gukurawundi is a genocide and that tribally if one is Shona they cannot be seen accusing a zanupf leader who killed innocent civilians in Matebeleland over this crime. The double speak of shameless hypocrites claiming to be champions in the fight for democracy becomes bare when they rather give examples of a few individuals abducted by Zanupf and a few people killed by the army in Harare as classic instances of human rights violations in Zimbabwe. And this is so ostensibly because of the inevitably inherited collective sense of guilt many don't want publicly acknowledged. Human rights are human rights and we cannot selectively be crying fowl while in the same breath praising Robert Mugabe for being decisive in killing the people of Matland.

Mnangagwa is not only wanting to export violence to South Africa but a whole package of divide and rule strategies the South African people must robustly reject.

While the black on black violence must be condemned in the strongest possible terms, the solution to the unrest lies in fixing the fractured African countries with more gold and diamond, uranium, chrome, water, sunshine than South Africa whose nationals flee to that country. Is it by pouring billions into these countries? No! The rot is in the bad politics of the independent countries which squandered international goodwill to rebuild economies with social class justice and they can't be different from the previous colonial oppressors, the absence of perestroika and glasnost, impunity over theft from the state, tribalism, vile means if getting into power and using the power to subvert the will of the people. Clearly Mnangagwa has a problem being different from Magnus Malan and John Voster . He can only be an admirer of apartheid tactics 'of a little violence' against apartheid activists that culminated in the state murders of thousands upon thousands of black people. A categorical public rejection of Mnangagwas advice by the South African Presdident could calm our fears and restore some bit of lost African pride so badly savaged by tin pot despots.

Moses Mzila Ndlovu
ANSA Interim Leader
September 6, 2019

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu
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