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Old Testament Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

03 Apr 2017 at 09:51hrs | Views
QN - Compare and Contrast the roles of Israel prophets with Zimbabwean prophets? (25)

In order for one to execute the above question ,it is prudent at this stage to understand the KEY words or answer different fundamental questions. For instance
a) What is a prophet?
b) What is a  role?
c) What's the difference between  role and character?

Israel prophets this include the following
a) Moses
b) Samuel
c) Ahijah of Shiloah, Gad,Nathan,Ben Imlah.
d) Amos the country prophet
e) Hosea
f) Isaiah the prophet of Jerusalem
g) Jeremiah the prophet of Judah
The Zimbabwean prophets include the following
a) Magaya "the man of cloth".
b) Fodric Fodric  "the apple prophet".
c) Johane Masowe.
d) Blessing Chiza of Eagle ministries.
e) Madzibaba Godfrey Nzira.
f) Samuel Mutendi of ZCC .

Israel prophets fought for social justice ,For instance Moses fought for justice when he confronted King Pharaoh so as to free the Israelites which were being oppressed by Pharaoh, this evidenced in Exodus 5:1.Elijah fought for justice when he confronted King Ahab over Naboth's vineyard ,this is recorded in 1 Kings 21:17.Amos condemned the women of Samaria who were oppressing the poor, this is recorded in Amos 4:1.Amos advocated for fairness as well in Amos 5:24.In Zimbabwean context, it is recorded that Zimbabwean prophets have fought social justice, Samuel Mutendi is believed to have criticized the oppression of blacks by the whites during the colonization of Southern Rhodesia .(note that so many examples can be added )Basing on the above text it is clear that there are similarities between Israel and Zimbabwean prophets when fighting for social justice is concerned.

Israel prophets fought for worshipping of one God.Moses for worshiping of one God when he destroyed the golden calf which had been made by the Israelites, this is recorded in Exodus. 32:20.Elijah butchered the baal prophets during the Mt Carmel Contest, this is recorded in 1 Kings 18:36-42.In Zimbabwean context, it is documented by number of authors that Zimbabwean prophets fights for worshipping of one God, Isabel Mukonyora citing Dillon, says Masowe during his days had tendency of destroying "mishonga" and burning the fetishes.Makandiwa recorded by Christ Tv undated, discouraged his church to partake in evil practices. Magaya recorded by Newsday newspaper and in 14 February 2015 , he condemned the use of water as a way of exorcism by the white church garment which is led by Johannes Ndanga as evilness and encouraging them to change, this is further supported by his book entitled "The marine spirit"(the point in this case is that Magaya fights for worshipping of one God).Similarities can be noticed, hence, one will be making violence on a plain text if one totally ignore the view there are similarities between Israel and Zimbabwean prophets when fighting for worshiping of one God is concerned.

Israel prophets predicted the future events. Samuel predicted the dangers of having a King ,this is recorded in 1 Samuel 8:6-17.Elijah predicted the death of King Ahab "the dogs will lick your blood". This is recorded in 1 Kings 21:17-22.Ahijah of Shiloh predicted the death of the son of Jeroboam, this is recorded in 1Kings 14:12.In Zimbabwean context, it is documented that Zimbabwean prophets predicted the future events. For instance, Bulawayo well known prophet predicted about the status of Zimbabwe in his 2016 prophecies (prophecy number 2 of Chiza says Zimbabwean dollar will be re-introduced ).Makandiwa in his article Volume 11 undated prophesied about the next coming big prophet, he says ("…..I see another man of God coming in Zimbabwe…but the time he comes I will be an old man….". He went on to say "I see another city coming"). Daily News newspaper on 28 April 2016 published that Makandiwa had predicted the Zambia Xenophobia attacks.All this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets predict the future just like Israel prophets, hence,similarities can be noticed.

Israel prophets had schools of prophecy, Samuel is recorded to be the father of prophetic guilds (1 Sam 19:20) and his followers were regarded as "sons of prophets",Bishau page 41,Chapter 6 ,says these prophets were normally taught how to perform prophetic duties for instance prophesying ecstatically. In Zimbabwean context it is also recorded that the professional prophets leaders teach their followers how to prophesy ,this is supported by Bishau and Mazodze page 43,line 1 ,it is said that the white church garment go to "Mativi reMana" where they will be taught how to prophesy. The point in this case is teaching each other how to prophesy.Basing on this it is clear that there are some similarities between Israel an Zimbabwean prophets.

NB So many prophetic duties which the writer ignored ,can be added
.This include
- performing miracles

As much as there are similarities between Israel and Zimbabwean prophets, one will be short cited if the writer ignores the other side of the coin which proves to us that there are minor differences which can be noticed between Israel and Zimbabwean prophets. For instance. Israel prophets anointed kings, Samuel anointed Saul and David .This is recorded in 1 Samuel 10:1 & 1 Samuel 16:13-23.Elijah was suppose to anoint Jehu and Hazel, This is recorded in 1 Kings 19:15-16.In Zimbabwean context, it is not documented that Zimbabwean prophets anoint Kings and the reason being that Zimbabwe is a Republican Gvt but not monarchy. As such this indicate that there are some differences between Israel and Zimbabwean prophets when anointing Kings is concerned.

There are so many differences which can be added, this include the following
a) advising Kings
b) anointing judges
c) championing holy wars.

- Compare and contrast

Witness Dingani is the Author | Columnist | Youth Coach | Radio Host | Cricketer. He is the founder of charity organization "Dingani Charity Organization" .In 2016 he was nominated as the most influential youthful figures in Zimbabwe and being voted on the 8th position out of 15 people by the Pan-Zimbabwe society.In 2017 ,Witness Dingani co-authored the new book of Lower 6 ,entitled "Understanding Family and Religious Studies".Questions by schools can be submitted through his mobile number +2363777896159 or Email address : .Readers can follow the Questions and Answers on Sunday News Newspaper every week.

This holiday he will speak in Harare and Bulawayo during a full day conference.

Source - Witness Dingani
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