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Worship and Honour revisited: Kneeling-down in the presence of an anointed Man of God

27 Apr 2017 at 07:55hrs | Views
Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
Today's Christians of all-levels have avoided informed familiarity with the sctiptures! They have taken to scriptural quick-fixes! Over-sped, and, in the process, overtaken the real scriptures, and, therefore misfire on Spiritual Dictates and grossly mislead communities. The sbove topic has featured in Bulawayo24, about a week ago and in various other platforms, and surely the Man of God, Prophet Dr. Blessed Chiza gave informed insights on it.

What moved me the most was the fact that I have both in person witnessed and heard criticism and scorn poured upon the various Man of God for, allegedly, making their congregants kneel upon them. Surely some known prople have got to loudly despise that aspect of religion, and, therefore, both quit and incited others to stop worship in the respective institutions. The cause being the allegation that The Man of God was acting "God" reducing his congregants to the ground in Spartan fashion. I was truly most blessed to see this discussion on Bulawayo24.

Senior Man of God of various pursuasions regularly take contrary uninformed and misleading unbiblical stances in public. There-by having the designated shepherd scattering God's flock that he would have been put in-charge of. And that is a most sure sign of scriptural illiteracy in high places. (Jer 7:31, 23:39-40). It was, in the ancient times, and it still is, to this very moment, most befitting to voluntarily humble oneself before The Anointing that one would be in respect of. Humility in honour of the vessel of God. The Anointing that one puts demand to God upon. The Anointing through which God (not The Man of God) delivers to His people. It is a critical sign of scriptural maturity. The Man of God would never rebuke anyone who wielded of neither spiritual eyes nor spiritual heart to see the hand of God in him. God's presence, authority and power as being dispensed through the hand of The Anointed Man/Woman of God. When God dispatches Prophet Ananias upon Saul after his (Saul) spiritual conviction and conversion respectively, The Prophet from his human judgement, resists the assignment. But The Holy Spirit insists that he (Ananias) goes to deliver the man that he had known and most hated. (Acts 9:10-19). This setves to confirm that it was never The Man of God's will to deliver, but that of God whether the respective Man of God wanted it that way or not. The pattern was still the same today. Angels of God are still in the domain and the first Angel that God dispatches upon an individual believer was his/her prophet, in person or vision/dream. One's faith will tell them how to behave to The Anointing. A mature Christian would, naturally, find good cause for humility, integrity, credibilty, obedience, courage, determination and Godly wisdom of response in the presence of The Man/Woman of God. It remains as one of the most rare opportunities available for believers to humble themselves before the respective Anointing that was destined to spiritually deliver to them.

As Obadiah, a top official in King Ahab's government, went about on his ordinary office chores he falls upon The Anointed Man of God, Elijah. On recognising the presence of The Anointing, despite the fact that his Master, King Ahab, had become a critical idolator,  he feared and acknowleged it (The Anointing) and, therefore, held it in high esteem, he bowed-down to the ground and shouted, "Is it really you, my Lord Elijah?" Prophet Elijah, who had been on full-flight for a long time in his human stature, and a long-time most wanted man in the eyes of King Ahab and his sorcerer wife, Jezebel. (1Kings 18:7-15). On that day, because The Holy Spirit was on mighty manifestation upon him, he (Elijah) orders Obadiah to go and proclaim his presence to The King. "Go tell your Master Elijah (whom you have been, fir a long time, desperately looking for to kill) is here!" Please note that on his own, Elijah had been on the run. Immersed with the power of The Holy Spirit he gets the guts to call-out on his arch-enemy for a face-to-face engagement. This further confirms that under the influence of The Prophetic, an ordinary man ceases to be that ordinary. So The Man/Woman of God would never be one's equal. Assuming such equality would be tge highest level of spiritual arrogance.

When three Israeli Kings went into combat facing an imminent invasion from Moab revolts upon fellow Israeli King Joram, King Jehoshafat asked his two accomplices, "Is there no prophet of The Lord, that we may inquire of The Lord through him? ... The word of The Lord is with him." (2Kings 3:11-12). Prophet Elisha, in his most frail state of health saves the throne of Israeli King Jehoash who ran to his (Elisha) death-bed and humbled himself shouting, "My father! My father! ... The chariots and horse men of Israel!" (2Kings 13:14). And when a dead man is thrown upon the dead bones of Prophet Elisha for hurried disposal to escape an imminent invasion, he (the dead man) sprang back to life and stood on his feet. (2Kings 13:21). In a Zimbabwean car accident case of 2016 where Man of God, Apostle Charles Chiriseri perished, the corpse-robbers provoked the anger of God by robbing the Anointed Corpse that could have released healing upon them, that was if they had touched it for a constructive cause. Three of the five, two policemen, two fire attendants and a bus conductor perished before they could even see their day in court. Non-believers were quick to think of spiritual vengeance (ngozi) over-looking the fact that Apostle Chiriseri was a child of light! A child of thunder who feared God to gis kast breath. All those with spiritual eyes have seen the angry hand of The Almighty God in the Chiriseri case. I wield of no constructive cause as to doubt that every believer who humbles themselves upon The Anointed, in death or in life, will get prophetic healing and deliverence. And all those who would handle The Anointed in contempt, both in life and in death, would provoke God's judgement upon themselves. If one met an Anointed Man/Woman of God on the street, at funerals, hair saloon or at Church or anywhere, if he/she gave eye-contact without getting closer or speaking to the believer, such person could claim from the respective Anointing and would be delivered. The same would go for attending an Anointed Man/Woman's funeral. Like the late Catholic Sister, Mother Theresa, who has continued to release healing testimonies in death through mere contact with her portrait. A hand-shake or hug with an Anointed Man/Woman would be a great healing and deliverence contact. Some people have manifested even fro a distance at the sight of The Anointed.

In The Book of 2Kings 4:1-6, Prophet Elisha meets a stranded widow of one of the sons of The Prophets. Who is spiritually qualified by the status of her late husband to demand from The Anointing of a prophet. Prophet Elisha multiplies the meagre left-over oil to high volumes that enabled her to pay-off her devastating debts and keep plenty more let-overs. She literally gets to operate a prophetic oil refinery of her own and borrows containers in the neighbourhood for packaging purposes in return for loyalty. Surely if this widow had not honoured The Prophet by humbling herself before The Anointing she would have sunk deeper into misery with her sons taken into imminent slavery and herself suffocating in hunger. If people are trained not to honour The Anointing, surely where would they get such blessings? Who would open an oil refinery for them if they treat The Anointed in contempt and as equally most ordinary people? A true prophet carries the Anointing to both curse and bless! When Prophet Elisha is jeered by sime delinquent youths who made fun of the bald head that carried Heaven's hidden wisdom, he cursed them and they were instantly devoured by hynaes that emerged from the thicket. (2Kings 2:23-25) When Gehaz cheats on Naaman healing by secretly demanding payment that Elisha had rejected, the prophet curses him to get Naaman affliction. (2Kings 5:26-27). And this incident further confirms that The Anointing that one subscribes to, or that one resoects, travels with them. As Elisha tells Gehazi that, "Was my spirit not with you when the man got down from his chariot to meet you?" In Zambia, recently, about a fort-night ago, state security agents deployed upon a Man of God over the arrest of Zambian politician, Hichilema Hakainde, were, Elisha style, (2Kings 6:17-18) struck blind by the respective Anointing and President Edgar Lungu fell into panic mode with fear.

The Shunammite woman provokes The Anointing in the hands of Prophet Elisha with immeasurable humility. When she encourages her husband to continuously host The Man of God and  build and spared a room for him, The Anointing got provoked and troubled to bless back! Every sacrifice, humility, obedience, courage, credibilty, integrity and wisdom of response made upon The Anointing provokes multi-return sacrifices upon those who acknowledge the movement of the hand of God The Almighty. The Anointing goes into debate within itself and gives the elderly barren couple a son. And when that son died, the woman bravely makes a demand upon The Anointing and Prophet Elisha brings back the boy-child to life on the basis of The Shunammite woman's faithful consistent investment (upon The Anointing) (2Kings 4:8-37).

When Israel went to battle with the Amalekites, prophet Moses was standing on a rock with his hands held-high as the battle soured in favour of Israelites. Each time that he got tired and dropped his hands the battle fell in favour of the enemy. So his aides had to make a plan to keep Moses' arms up by supporting him as the battle was fully dependent upon the prophet.(Exodus 17:8-11). By a prophet, God led Israel out of Egyptian captivity. And by a prophet, God delivered Israel to The Land Flowing With Milk And Honey. This serves to confirm that honouring a prophet is the beginning of wisdom and a real grand investment. Men/Women of God, to the present, still wiekd of same authority and same circumstances.(Matt. 10:40-42, Prov. 3:3-4). May God release multiple mercies upon all people.

Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola. Offering, Seed/Sacrifice and Tithing Educationist. Guest Pastors International - Inter-Denominational Bible-Believing Revivalists and Consultants. Cells. 0775 184749 whatsapp. 0713 660392.

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Source - Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
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