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I have a higher calling

03 Oct 2017 at 11:30hrs | Views
I know I have a calling bigger than my self, but not bigger than my hope. A call to heal and unite my motherland against all odds. Sometimes we choose who we want to be, but who we have to be chooses us. A calling that I can't hide or run away from, this calling is as good as my heartbeat. A calling is something one is born with, a calling is as good as a gift. A gift that proceeds before one's purpose in life. This calling is a mystery stronger than any emotions.

When those who suppose to lead become followers people will suffer, and when those who suppose to become followers become leaders people will still suffer. Leadership is not a career, but it's a calling that comes with great responsibilities. Leadership has nothing to do with race or gender. However it has everything to do with dedication, education, passion and intelligence. And only few people understand this. Above all leadership is not mainly based on delegations but it's a higher call.

Our nation deserves a leader that will make commitment his job description."A personality filled with commitment, is a personality that flows with success." As a nation we are tired of problems, failures and bad news. We need solutions immediately. We have to initiate initiatives that brings forth empowerment to all South Africans.

It's common to be able to identify and analyze problems. However it demands a specific anointing and calling to have the ability to redress problems. While we are busy just identifying problems and pointing fingers, fellow South Africans lose their dignity due to unemployment, inequality and injustice. Leadership is not a day job, but it's a life time responsibility, and one should be called for it and be chosen for such a unique purpose.
I have great confidence in my calling, and I am  greatly driven by the passion and the hope for a better life for all. I don't have connections, I'm not famous, and I'm not wealthy. But I know who I am, what I'm capable of and what God has equipped me with. We waste time on arguments and racial issues, if we really love our nation we should argue less and pray more for it, because we can fight spiritual battles with debates.

Despite who becomes President of South Africa, if this beautiful and blessed nation is not spiritually free first then a dream for a united, peaceful and progressive nation will only remain a dream. We have to see beyond our problems, we have to see beyond the physical. Because the beauty of life is mainly enjoyed and appreciated only by those who see life more as an adventure rather than a burden.

We have to stop flying high for nothing, claiming to be intellectuals while we can't redress common issues. We should find common  grounds and see things from a different perspective. We have to swallow our pride and disagree to agree that we have gone wrong as a nation. Many have lost even the ability to use their common sense effectively, and common sense is the first quality of a normal person. Is the sense that everyone must have because it's common.

Unfortunately many choose lies over truth, they choose shame over integrity. We are so lost as a nation we have embraced wrongs as rights and rights as wrongs. But I'm not worried because I know my calling is stronger and higher than any opposition, for a fair voice of hope will rise above any injustice. South Africa will shine again!

Shikobela is a motivational speaker and a minister at Holy Faith Family Church. And an aspiring social and political consciousness author. At present, he has finished his first book, to be published early next year with the title: Invisible Victories. He is also about to start a new dawn of this nation, a political party named; Voice of the nation (VN).

Source - Eric Shikobela
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