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Bulawayo Pastor launches inspirational Book

01 Nov 2017 at 15:13hrs | Views
Pastor Abiot Shumba will be launching his sixth book on Thursday the 2nd of November 2017, the book entintled Building Generational Churches is a product of four years of research and could be easily one of the best insightful book which cuts across all sections of society. The book will be launched in Bulawayo at The Homestead Conference Center. BGC is about establishing institutions that last beyond the founding fathers and its impact goes Trans generational.

He is the senior and founding Pastor at Grace Christian Church, an international ministry which was founded in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. He is known for his revelatory and relevant Bible teaching. His passion - to build victorious disciples of Jesus Christ - is the driving force behind his down to earth teaching that is touching thousands of people every day. His creative leadership skills are changing the way church is done worldwide. He is a well sought after conference speaker, Author, life coach and leadership trainer.Pastor Abiot is married to Kathrine and the couple has three boys Addel Michael, Jeremy Abiel and David Reuel He holds a BSc Hons. in ministry and an Honor's degree in Apostolic ministry from Team Impact University USA.

In this book the man of God has this to say about generational churches "The strength of any institution is captured by its ability to raise a generation of people that will take the organization beyond its founders. All institutions that have lived long, have mastered the art of being "generational" rather than being "once existed some time ago" organizations. Most businesses and institutions never survive beyond the death or retirement of its founders because they fail to utilize the "being generational concept".

Their existence and operations are conversant by humanitarian program models that are designed to respond to crisis and might have no carryover impact. This can be seen in the fact that in spite of numerous attempts the programs only serve as a band aid to a festering wound.

The great visionaries think generationally. They do work that will impact nations long after they are gone. There are certain traits and cultures that are common with big institutions which have stood the test of time, these I will share with you in this book. I have discovered that to build a generational institution is not a matter of luck. It's a deliberate decision to "think generationally" and then apply oneself to work towards becoming generational. This book cut across all sections of life: it's relevant to Business, family, you name it.

The most important aspect of a generational churches is the vision, said Pastor Shumba." A great visionary understands that the show must go on even when they are dead. So they are not obsessed with being the star of the show that will close down as soon as they are lowered into the grave. In fact they don't want to be the star of the show because they know what their mission is about. What we will explore in this book is building structures and support systems that help the foundation to stand ? Foundations are the bedrock of any institution but we need pillars that join with the foundation to make the structure more solid and lasting. There are definitive fundamental principles that make a solid foundation for a lasting ministry, institution and even a family. I have done research on these fundamental pillars that make churches strong for generations. I discovered that you can change the color of any building, change the door positions and windows "BUT" once you temper with the pillars you have destroyed the building. What holds up any structure are its pillars. Big church institutions like ZAOGA, AFM and Methodist have a history of maintaining certain cultures and founding virtues, those remain uncompromised no-matter what?

The book foreword was done by pastor Tich Tanyanyiwa , who has published many faith books and founder of a remarkable publishing company in South Africa called Faith Land Publishers. In his remarks about the book , he mentioned the prophetic timing of the publication " Pastor Abiot Shumba has stepped into a prophetic dimension and written a book that is so timely and relevant for the church today. In the book you will find a strong rebuke and correction of things that have been neglected by the church and its leaders, resulting in limited impact and short lived influence, but you also find encouragement and counsel that empowers the leader to make strategic decisions regarding the direction of the church."

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