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Prayer of a concerned citizen

24 Nov 2017 at 07:39hrs | Views

Father God, even in this time of jubilation over the fall of a man who was now seen as a symbol of that which traumatised, brutalised and tormented this nation, we declare that your work over this nation is not over, do not forget the innocent blood that was shed, do not forget the young and old women who were abused, humiliated and dehumanised.

Do not forget the children who were left fatherless, motherless when their parents died or separated as they went to different countries to seek greener pastures leaving their children who were then abused sexually and scarred for life because their parents were not there to protect them, the young girls, single and married women who turned to prostitution to support themselves and their families, the ones who contacted diseases in the process and also died because they could not afford medical treatment. The many who had their hands cut off and those who disappeared.

Father expose all hypocrisy, expose all false heroes who pretend to love your people but are positioning themselves to plunder the resources of this nation. You know them, those who commanded that people be murdered and brutalised because they had different political opinions, the evil, cruel, heartless demon possessed thieves who raped this country leaving it with nothing simply so that they could gratiate their insatiable appetite and thirst for lives of debauchery and luxury at the expense of your people.

Let your heavenly host pull them down, make them seat on shaky thrones where they will fall, let them have no peace on their huge beds and wherever they seek to spend their ill gotten wealth, turn their wines into the poison of serpents and burn their lying tongues with the fire of your spirit so that they expose themselves and condemn themselves.

Make your people Zimbabwe sacred, make the nation sacred, do not allow any who has satan on the throne of their hearts to preside over your people.

Remember your church the body of your son Jesus which fills this nation and has groaned in prayer, reveal your mighty hand of deliverance for them. Do not withhold the sword of your angel of judgement until all that have tormented your people have FALLEN.


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