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Seek God's approval and not people's approval

24 Jan 2018 at 04:38hrs | Views
How deep do you understand the love of God for you? Let us say for example, there are millions of people in a very big train or a very big plane. An accident is about to happen then it is discovered that the only way this accident can be avoided is by killing your one and only child, the only child you have and maybe that child you got him or her after a long struggle. That child you have means everything to you, it is all that you have and that is literally your world. What were you going to do? Honestly speaking, it was for me, I was probably going to say I would rather die with my son than for me to let my son die with the aim of saving a million strangers. What were you going to say/do? This is how I personally understood the story of God and Jesus Christ. This is how I chose to interpret it.

Jesus had to die for all of us to be saved. If not for Jesus, where would all of us be at right now? He was poor for us to be rich. It is very hard for me to be satisfied and put my trust in any human being no matter how close we may seem to be. No love is greater than God's love, it is endless. A human being can just give a quarter of love as compared to what God can give. In people, love can easily vanish, end or decrease due to some certain factors. Lack of trust, jealousy, insecurity, lack of patience etc. all can destroy the love in human beings but can never destroy the love God has for us. No matter how much you might think you have committed sin, which does not block God from loving you. How we people see each other is way too different from how God sees us. All of us might see one person as a problem, but with God's eyes, we are all his children, we are all his creation and he is our Father. There are many people we see as bad people, we judge them and all that but look at their lives, everything goes well and they never lack. How people see you, what people see in you when they look at you does not really matter, seek God's approval. A clear example is that of Lasizwe and Somizi, they are gay yes it is not a secret. People bad-mouth them, talk and speak all sorts of evil about them and all that, what have they benefitted by so doing? Look at them Lasizwe and Somizi, they live their lives the way they want, enjoy and will never go to someone's house begging for food. They are many examples of people who choose to live their lives the way they want and they still make it regardless of what people say. Go's approval is much more important than peoples approval. God can see what we human beings fail to see and cannot see. There are well known thieves in our communities, they steal everyday but you never hear of them being arrested for good or suffering, they can even move with very nice cars and live better lives. Even sometimes when they go to steal, they can even pray first before going so that they do not get caught, and indeed they will not get caught. As long as you pray and ask in the name of Jesus whatever you want with faith, God answers and He does not look at how you lived or live, He answers everyone's prayers.

If God had a human nature just like ours, He could have lost his temper and patience a long time ago then destroy us all because He has all the power and authority to do it any moment He feels like. But because of his love, the greatest thing…He never lose hope in us, he keeps giving us a lot more chances. God does not look at or for what we human being look for or at. Never hesitate to ask God for whatever thing you need or want because He loves you, He loves us all. Do not be fooled that God hate sinners, God never hates anyone. People might discourage you; it has always been like that. In the bible, there are many stories of people who were discouraged and one of the good examples is Zachaeus. If he had given people a chance to discourage him and listened to them, was he going to make it? Never give negatives a space in your life; they will always drag you backwards and make you roam back and forth in one place. If you still have time for the negative things that come your way, then you have to kiss goodbye to progress in your life. Never seek people's approval, views and comments because they all have different views and comments hence pleasing them can be the most difficult task. Just do what you need to do, what you have to do, what you feel like doing in as long as it feels right with you. Usually, Christians are the ones who have a tendency of judging people and pointing fingers especially if the person is a non-believer, or does not believe in the same Pastor or God they believe in. Never judge others, let people be, as long as it feels right with them and their God. What happens to them or afterwards or the results of their choices or other peoples choices has nothing to do with you and should never by any chance affect you. It is between them and their God. What happens afterwards is between them and their creator. Never give people a chance to test your faith because they do not have the right to. Ask whatever you want from God, he will definitely do it for you.

It may seem to be delaying or taking so long but worry not, just have faith, do what you are supposed to do and trust the process. Nothing good comes easy, praying or asking from God does not mean you ask and go sleep while waiting for it to come right to you. Do something, put your effort and work hard to show how serious what you asked for or need means to you. Do your best and God will do the rest. As long as you have asked in the name of Jesus, nothing is impossible. Jesus is now alive and he is always ready and waiting for you to say whatever you want so that he takes it to his father God who will then make it come to pass. A prayer said in the name of Jesus is very much powerful. Jesus never sleeps; He is available 24/7 for you. Depending on Him is way better than depending on any human being. People can fall asleep, get tired, fall sick or even die but not with God. Let Jesus be the foundation of everything in your life for without him, we are nothing. Anything that you have as long as it is not from Jesus, then know that any moment, you are bound to lose it. No matter how bad we choose to live our lives, we all need Jesus. Even thieves do pray for guidance when they go to steal, even murderers reach a certain point in life when things get harder, and they remember God. The fact that even those who do not believe in God, when they are in serious deep troubles, it is inevitable that they remember Jesus and pray. This clearly brings out the significance of our creator in our lives.

No one in this world will understand you more than how God does. If you ask God for help, he does not have time to remind you of all the bad things you did, all the mistakes you made but he only has time to fulfil your heart desires. Human being will end up reminding you of all your mistakes in the past once you ask them for favours or assistance. When you pray for something, never lose hope. He has heard you and He knows what is best for you and the right time for making it happen. Just keep the faith and hope, He will never disappoint. Once you start doubting, you have ruined everything. God's time is always the perfect time. Instead of you to keep asking for one thing again and again, thank Him for doing it even when it is not yet there with you. Once you have spoken and asked for it, that very same moment he heard you. Keeping asking again and again will do nothing besides destroying your faith and trust in God. Once your faith is dead, expect nothing because prayer works with faith. Thank God for the things you have prayed for and for his love.

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