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Churches should not blaspheme just to please Mnangagwa

07 Mar 2018 at 08:46hrs | Views
As a devout Christians it is always painful to hear any form of blasphemy against Jehovah God, but it is most insulting when it emanates from those who should know better - the church and its leaders - especially, when they act as sycophants and bootlickers, eager to please worldly leaders.

This was particularly conspicuous on Monday, when it was reported on state media that church leaders had met the new Zimbabwe president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, and how they all allegedly fell over each other, in their attempts to please him, by glorifying him, and unashamedly making biblical comparisons with him.

This blatant blasphemy can not be left unchallenged, especially by those who genuinely love God and seek the truth to be told to all - as we are the light of the world.

First and foremost, as much as the Holy Bible says that all leaders are appointed by God, all that means is that, for a leader to be in that position, only God could have allowed for it to happen.

It does not - by any stretch of the imagination  - mean that God anointed that person to be leader, nor that He approves of that person.

All it means is that, as nothing happens - no matter how evil - without God allowing it for a reason, no one can become a leader - no matter what means they use to get to that position - without Him permitting it.

Even the biblical Job could only be made sick and lose all his worldly wealth, at the hands of Satan, only because God had allowed it - but, made certain that he would not die - so that His glory would shine at the end.

Thus, even leaders as Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, Caesar, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and so many others, managed to be leaders because God allowed it to happen.

In the same vein, Ian Douglas Smith, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, and now Mnangagwa, became our leaders, as a result of God allowing it to happen.

That is what the Apostle Paul meant in the Bible, when he said that all leaders were appointed by God - emphasis on the word 'ALL', without regard for whether they were good or bad leaders.

That is why, even Jesus Christ said that people should 'render to Caesar that which was Caesar's', as He also acknowledged this fact.

However, as mentioned earlier, this is completely different from leadership that is divinely anointed by God to lead His people - such as, Moses, Joshua, David, and others.

This is where the blasphemy of the church and its leaders come into focus - as they suggest that Mnangagwa, and Mugabe prior to him, fall into the category of the divinely anointed leadership.

This can not be any further from the truth, and a grave insult to God Himself - and coming from the church and its leadership, it is exceptionally painful, as these are the people who should know better, and have absolutely no excuse to exhibit such utter ignorance, and downright blasphemy.

How can anyone in their right mind - especially, those who should be led by the Holy Spirit - have the audacity to equate Mugabe with Moses, and Mnangagwa with Joshua!

How can they say that Mugabe was divinely anointed by Jehovah God with the same spirit that He gave Moses - to lead His people out of bondage, but did not take them into the promised land - and, Mnangagwa was anointed, as Joshua, to finally take them into the promised land?

This is outrageous!

Please do not greave the Holy Spirit by your lies and blasphemy!  

There are clear, unquestionable and unequivocal signs to leadership that is divinely anointed by Jehovah, none of which apply to Mugabe or his former sidekick Mnangagwa.

There may have been perceived similarities between what Moses and Joshua did, to what Mugabe and Mnangagwa, but these are limited to any other coincidences that happen between human beings, but that is where it all ends.

However, when it comes to the real serious issues of whether or not they were truly divinely anointed, the signs are clearly missing.

For starters, Moses and Joshua were directly appointed by Jehovah Himself - by talking directly to Moses for him to be the leader of the children of Israel, and to anoint Joshua as his successor.

Jehovah spoke directly to His chosen ones - and He still does the same today, as He has not changed, and will never change His modus operandi.

As far as any of us know, Jehovah never talked directly to Mugabe or to Mnangagwa - if he did, then they should tell us.

Jehovah also appointed leaders by sending his prophets to anoint them, well before they became leaders - for example, Saul and David were anointed by Samuel well before they became kings.

Ás such, which prophet - from the myriad we have in this country, and beyond - anointed Mugabe or Mnangagwa, as a directive from Jehovah?

Here, I am not referring to some wild 'prophecy' on who will be the next president, but real anointing of a future leader chosen by Jehovah, ad happened to David and Saul.

If he or she is there, may they please tell us.

I am sure none of this occurred, and no one will be foolhardy enough to further blaspheme against Jehovah by claiming that this indeed happened.

The second sign that a leader is divinely appointed by Jehovah is that they are in constant direct communication with Him, and this should be verifiable.

Moses and Joshua constantly talked directly with God in a clear audible voice - or, as with David and Saul, He regularly advised them through His prophets Samuel and Nathan.

Is any of this happening to Mugabe or Mnangagwa?

Is Jehovah directly talking to them, or are there any genuine prophets advising them?

The third sign is that everything Moses and Joshua did was for the glory of Jehovah, not for their own glory.

As all Zimbabweans can attest to, Mugabe and Mnangagwa sought, and still seek, glory for themselves, and not for Jehovah.

Everything they do is so that they themselves are thanked and praised, and never do we see Jehovah being given all the glory.

That is why a personality cult is always built around leaders such as Mugabe and Mnangagwa - as they are there to serve only themselves, and not God.

That is why we see portraits of our presidents everywhere, their faces are worn by supporters - who, together with the state media, sing their praises every time - but, never do we ever hear the name of Jehovah being glorified above all other names.

On the contrary, everything that Moses and Joshua did glorified God, and only God - it was never about them, but Jehovah.

Thus, anyone who does anything so that he or she is the one who gets the praises, is clearly not of God - as only God is worthy of the glory and the praises.

In fact, everything that Moses and Joshua did showed the amazing power and goodness of Jehovah - neither were they corrupt, nor did they brutalise anyone through massacres, torture, beating up, intimidation, forced disappearances, unlawful arrests, and other ungodly acts.

Everything that Moses and Joshua did was in tandem with the word of God, and clearly showed, without a doubt, that these men were sent by God.

Moreover, they had the miracles to show for it, as God assured them that, should anyone doubt that He sent them, certain signs shall follow them - such as, parting of both the Red Sea and the river Jordan, water from the rock, manna, and so many others.

What divine signs are we seeing - or did we see - Jehovah perform through Mugabe and Mnangagwa, that distinguish them from any other worldly leaders?

The forth sign would be that, as Jehovah appointed leaders, they would not need to use all manner of trickery to win elections - in fact, Moses and Joshua did not get to lead through the ballot box, but a direct appointment by God, in an unequivocal manner clear to all.

As already alluded to before, Jehovah directly talked to those He divinely appointed, or through His prophets - and there were certain miraculous signs that followed to prove that they were indeed divinely anointed.

In fact, Joshua did not topple Moses, nor did David topple Saul - as they both waited for their predecessors' death before assuming office, especially in the case of Saul, whom God had already turned His back against - contrary to what happened between Mnangagwa and Mugabe.

Therefore, we can convincingly conclude that neither Mugabe nor Mnangagwa were divinely appointed by Jehovah, as none were followed by certain signs as evidence - and that the church and its leadership should stop blaspheming God in order to placate worldly leaders.

The question then is: why are these church leaders committing such acts?

It would be safe to say that, birds of a feather, flock together - as these church leaders are truly of the world, not of Jehovah.

We have said it time after time that, these church leaders are just crooks - wolves in sheep's clothing - out to steal from the already suffering people.

They do not serve Jehovah, but themselves, and their true master - whom, they themselves know.

That is why, even their followers refer to 'the god of so and so (whoever their church leader's name is)', because it is not Jehovah, but a god only their leaders know and worship.

These church leaders are very much of the world, just as the worldly leaders they seek to carry favour with - even if it means committing brazen acts of blasphemy, and insulting Jehovah God.

That is why they would rather sit these worldly leaders at the high tables in their churches, as they show to all that these are truly who they serve.

They seek to serve and please worldly leaders who have blood on their hands, and who continue to do everything that is contrary to the word of the true God - as they live lavish lifestyles at the expense of the suffering people.

Genuine church leaders would, instead, rebuke such malicious and callous behaviour by those who lead our nation - as John the baptist did to Herod, who had committed adultery by marrying his brother's wife Herodus.

Even the prophet Nathan rebuked King David when he had committed adultery with Uriah's wife Bathsheba, and murdered her husband.

Genuine church leaders need to stand firm and bravely against worldly politicians who abuse the people they are supposed to protect and provide for  - not giving them a place at the high table.

This should be a wake up call to all Christians to be very wary of all these church leaders, as they have shown their true colours - as nothing but worldly predictors, out to sap with the Devil.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author, and speaker. He is the Programmes Director with the Zimbabwe Network for Social Justice (ZimJustice). Please call/WhatsApp: +263782283975, or email: Please also 'Like' the 'ZimJustice' page on Facebook

Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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