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We prayed and fasted for three days and three nights: The Lord God spoke!

25 Aug 2018 at 18:41hrs | Views
We faithfully prayed and fasted for those specified days our Fuehrer Comrade Nelson Chamisa demanded us to do. We prayed for the right leader at the right time and space to lead the way to Canaan for us. But when God spoke, he gave us Mnangagwa and not Chamisa. There are religious reasons why the Lord God answered our prayers the way he did, Chamisa should concur this as a Christian. Mnangagwa is an interim leader to our final destination. The Lord god refused to give us Pastor Chamisa as the Moses of our moment because Chamisa lacks the qualities of those wise leaders of the Israelites. We all need to think together with Chamisa why God spoke the way He did, the Lord God did speak in His own way.

The mistake we Christians make nowadays is that we tend to just pick verses in the Bible that suit the situation and find currency in them just for that moment in our life situations to feel good. However; we forget that God has a holistic approach to issues related to human needs. Chamisa thought since he is a man of God: a Pastor, has travelled to Israel, walked in the steps of Jesus Christ himself, (never mind going to Israel, such an expensive trip, leaving workers' salaries in the Harvest House unpaid) he felt empowered to see the Jewish Towns of Jerusalem, Jericho, Canaan, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Acre, Nazareth, Netanya. Beersheba: those religious towns in Israel: he swore to pave diplomatic relations with Israel and indeed the USA. (Remember the Trump 15 billion dollars promised)  

Chamisa was surely convinced he was going to win the elections just by for making such a powerful religious pilgrimage in the midst of his campaign. The visit to Israel was part of the preparations to the Great Zimbabwe State House. Chamisa dreamt and sincerely thought he was just going to naively enter the constitutional court and tell Judge Malaba to "let his people go" in the same manner Moses, Joshua and all those leaders of the Israelites did to the King Pharaohs. It was not the case; the times have changed from those of the biblical times to the second Millennium's convoluted political trajectories of today. It was a good try but surely it left so many people in te MDC-Alliance party embarrassed.  

The politics of today is not translated and understood in those simplistic terms of two centuries ago. Chamisa is a novice when it comes to current political science. Chamisa is the most dangerous person to have come so near to power as he did. The court verdict is the best thing that could happen to Zimbabwe. By so saying we do not mean Mnangagwa is the best, nor is he better, nor is he good! God speaks in his own peculiar way even if we prayed and fasted for change: three days and three nights non-stop.

 Mnangagwa is not the leader to take us to Canaan but he is an interim towards the final destination. Mnangagwa is 76 years old, very old to die soon. He will not hang on to power for 38 years like his Mentor Gabriel Mugabe, biology will take care of that. Chamisa was going to hang on for 45 years trying to fix an economy he has no idea how to fix it. Chamisa could have been the Hitler of the second Millennium in Africa and easily. God heard our prayers and he said no to Chamisa presidency.

Chamisa and his so-called legal experts at home and in the region failed dismally to present a petition in court: they failed to act according to the law, mistake number one: filing documents out of time, two: documents with vague and questionable allegations. There were no facts in Thabani Mpofu's presentation to intelligently argue a case credibly from credible sources. Can the legal minds of double Mpofu's and Tembeka Ngcukaitobi afford to present a case in a constitutional court so badly prepared without tangible and factual evidence? What was the purpose of their coming to assist in this court case that was so simple to comprehend all court processes if indeed there was rigging and inconsistencies that took place in the elections counting? Tendai Mbofana in his Bulawayo article of the 23rd August says: in a normal court of law, MDC-Alliance's case was bad enough: no factual facts to support vote-rigging. The evidence presented did not support its contentions of vote-rigging!   

The Alliance leadership has a sea of lawyers: Advocate Biti is a lawyer, Monzorwa is a lawyer, Professor Welshman Ncube is a constitutional lawyer, David Coltart is a lawyer: Sikala is a lawyer; Chamisa himself is a lawyer. They are joined by two well-renowned professionals from South African legal fraternity;  Mpofu and Thembeka Ngcokaitobi were at his disposal, could have advised and given input to the case to give credibility, did not seem to have assisted much in Chamisa's case, embarrassingly enough.  

What comes to mind now, in hindsight, did the lawyers in the MDC-Alliance undo their arrogant leader Chamisa? Now did the South African lawyers see the financial incentive beyond their reputable standing in the regional legal fraternity? Was it an oversight on their part to put their legal reputation into disrepute? Why was Professor Ncube obviously absent from the legal group? We shall never know the answers to our questions, perhaps its good not to know everything.

A mature politician could have conceded defeat when he realized that MDC-Alliance had a paltry one-third of would-be-seating members in parliament. Chamisa did not see this as an impediment; all that he wanted was him to be declared president of the Republic of Great Zimbabwe, disregarding his dismal parliamentary loss. His government was not going to be called a hung-parliament either. I am yet to be told of a nation that has a government with those paltry 64 MDC- Alliance MPs against two thirds 144 Zanu PF majority in parliament. When Chamisa accepted the accuracy of those parliamentary votes, he should have conceded defeat then, if he was as wise as King Solomon in the Holy Bible.

Chamisa and the Alliance are adamantly rejecting the ruling of the constitutional court. He argues the court ruling was tilted to favour Mnangagwa: really? Apparently, he wishes they could have ruled in his favour: this is the simplicity of Chamisa's mind that is worrying all and sundry. Considering our prayers and fasting, the courts could easily have done it if the petition was credible with evidence, if the petition had factual facts supported by credible source, but it was not. There are possible avenues they could have used as evidence gathered to make a case against ZEC. They failed to give that mathematical evidence and several other technicalities related to the petition.  

If indeed our constitutional courts are not independent, not impartial and not transparent, the good question is, why did Chamisa approach them and gave a petition to an institution he does not trust. In the first place, you were told by Wilbert Mukori on several dozens of his articles, telling you never to go for elections without electoral reforms: he told you never to go for elections without a formidable voters roll. To cry foul only when you have been outsmarted is not only stupid but sheer lack of political immaturity and a novice when it comes to guerrilla tactics Zanu PF knows too well. Did you go to the court with a petition, the intention being to deliberately lose the case so as to claim that the constitutional court was in favour of the incumbent government: said Tendai Mbofana?

Chamisa, I can sincerely say that I saw your political demise coming! You had the numbers on the ground that failed to replicate your presidential ambitions and success. You concentrated too much on your presidency and forgot you needed members of parliament to form a majority government. You lack serious skills of a mature political leader; organizational skills are one of them. You battled to give an Alliance alone leadership performances that would have given you a resounding victory. You are capable of saying too much stuff and nonsense without shame.  

You easily made enemies in the party, those members, some highly skilled with legal knowledge who could have assisted you to ascend to a formidable and successful young politician. You alienated those legal minds such as Monzorwa and Majome and purged those whom you considered a threat to your leadership. Chamisa you were a one-man-show throughout your campaign. You were beyond any critical advice sometimes positive and constructive from all even the late Ambassador Kofi Annan could not assist you. Such a leader does not last for a long time.  

In February of this year, the woman you cheated in the MDC-T leadership struggle and you also nearly murdered using your thugs is called Dr. Thokozani Khuphe. Her other name is called Toko!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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