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Vengeance is coming for dirty politicians - T.B. Joshua

09 Feb 2014 at 21:28hrs | Views

On Sunday 9th February 2014, the controversial Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua released yet more alarming prophetic messages to Nigeria, Africa and the international community.

He declared vengeance was nigh for Nigerian politicians playing dirty games, prophesied an impending economic crisis in Ghana and warned Russia of an evil plan in the works to disrupt the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi. The Nigerian cleric spoke in a church service broadcast live via popular Christian television station Emmanuel TV.

Speaking about his homeland Nigeria, Joshua reiterated the prophetic concern he voiced at the beginning of the year about the Nigerian elections to be held in 2015. "What I am seeing is heavy. I am seeing rain – the clouds are dark. Pray for the fulfillment of 2015… Democracy is a sweet system. Pray that the system will not be rubbished… I am seeing disagreement at the end of that day and that disagreement can result to anything."

Joshua, who is known for receiving numerous high-class African politicians at his church in Lagos, reputedly responsible for six out of every ten visitors to Nigeria, had a stern warning for the political elite. "Tell those in the helm of affairs that they will give an account of whatever they do to this nation… God is marking people. Everyone will give account of their participation – what you have done to cause this crisis I am seeing coming."

He stressed that national unity should be of paramount concern to politicians and citizens alike, not political affiliation or propaganda. "The issue of political parties does not matter but the unity of Nigeria. Unity is being threatened and God says that anyone behind the crisis that is coming in 2015 will not live to see 2016. It is written already; there is nothing we can do about it."

The warning was also directed to political thugs being used to perpetrate evil. "If you are one of the people that are being sent on errands to go and destroy, you better go and withdraw your hands because you will not go free."

The pastor, recently named as one of Africa's most 50 influential figures, declared that vengeance was nigh. "Last time when innocent people were being killed, many people thought there was no God. 2015 will prove to you that God is alive!" He prayed that Nigeria's history would be rewritten, counseling the faithful to observe Tuesday and Wednesday as days of prayer for the nation.

Joshua moved on to talk about Ghana, the nation he is famously connected with due to his well-publicized relationship with Ghana's late leader John Atta Mills. "The nation Ghana – economic crisis is what I am seeing. They should pray for their currency. Economic crisis is the challenge they will have."

Later in the service during prayer for Ghana, Joshua clarified that this particular crisis would only be temporal. "God said in six months they will begin to see the way out. It is not something that will go on and on. It is something that will perish this year." He further cautioned Ghana's leaders not to quickly apportion blame for the situation. "My prayer to the leader is that the common man should not be the ones to be held responsible or bear so much of the burden when it comes to this. It will soon become history."

T.B. Joshua then stated that Southern Africa would also face similar challenges. "Two of the nations there will face a leadership tussle because of sicknesses and disease," he added, speculation rife on his Facebook account, followed by almost 1,000,000, as to which countries he was referring.

Joshua further released a warning about the Winter Olympics being held currently in Sochi, Russia. "Before the end of the Olympics, God showed me something… I am still praying. Whatever evil plan – it will bounce back to the evil." He stated contact would be made with the relevant Russian authorities once he received greater clarity of the vision.

Finally, Joshua gave a parabolic message about the health of a leader in what he termed the ‘super nation'. "Pray for your big brother for good health; I am seeing he will face a health challenge. They will say, ‘Let's take him to the hospital for surgery' – this is a super nation, the greatest nation."

Joshua warned leaders in general to desist from playing politics when it comes to the things of God, stressing the repercussions were severe. "When it comes to religion and Christianity – don't play politics. You can't play politics with God unless you want to destroy yourself. Politics is a game but there is a limit."

He announced much to the delight of his multicultural congregation that he would soon begin to travel worldwide to meet leaders and personally share the revelations he had received with them.

Source - Ihechukwu Njoku
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