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Prophets of doom should not be tolerated

07 Jan 2016 at 09:29hrs | Views
As we begin the New Year, a lot of prophesies are being proffered by prophets from both local and regional, bringing into question some of these predictions as people are grappling with the proliferation of these false prophets. It is a shame that a local based prophet, Blessing Chiza of the Eagle Life Assembly, is predicting bloodshed for Zimbabwe this year.

With the rate at which these churches are mushrooming in the country, so has the rate at which these visionary lies are growing. Most of these church leaders who claim to be 'prophets' are there only to cause havoc and destabilization of peace in the country.  Surely, Zimbabweans should not open their ears to attention seekers like Chiza.

Truthfully, Chiza is just seeking prominence. It is known that most local Pentecostal churches across the country are turning their churches into business ventures. The same might be happening with this man. Chiza's shenanigans are well-orchestrated ploy to amass followers who are turn will translate into contributors of his money making ventures.

However, most people have long ceased to believe in prophets of doom. Many stories from false prophets have been nonsensically short of being absurd, and their predictions never come to pass. One is reminded of two Malawi prophets namely, Austin Libunya and Kenneth Eagle who were telling their congregates during church services in Lilongwe last year that President Mugabe's clock will not tick beyond 2015. Whereas it's a fact that only God has the power to determine one's length of life.

People should believe such people at their own peril as the object of such false prophecies is anyone's guess, monetary.

Hebrews 1 verse 1-2, reads, "Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world".
From the Bible quotation, Zimbabweans should not be fooled by these prophets of doom. The Bible is clear in saying it was long back when God could speak to the people through prophets. As of now, God speaks to his people through his own Son, Jesus by mean of the Holy Bible.

Chiza's prophesy on the notion of politically-inspired bloodshed should not be tolerated. It is also disheartening that Chiza claims that there was increased murder spirit in the country, without proffering any solutions.  In fact, the views of Chiza's prediction certainly claim that he is a prophet of doom who is not only offensive but narrow minded as well.

At this point in time, Zimbabwe needs people who are pregnant with practical solutions of revitalizing the economy and not wishful thinkers.

Tracing the history of Chiza's prophesy, it is unfortunate that nothing that he has predicted has ever materialized.

Also, Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua, has predicted turmoil for an unnamed Southern African President between February and April this year (2016). Surely, if the prophet failed to foresee that his Synagogue church building was going to collapse, and killing a number of people, how then can we truly believe his prophesy? It has been reported that Zimbabweans had been panicking over that prophesy. Honestly, Zimbabweans should not be frightened by such trivial predicts. After all, Zimbabwe is not the only country in the Southern African region.

Meanwhile, a Kariba church leader known as Patrick Mugadza has irrationally passed an offensive message which demeans the Office of the President. Quoted in a local daily press Mugadza is lobbying that President Mugabe should step down.  It is unfortunate that Mugadza's wishful thinking is just another pie in the sky. Mugadza could have offered solutions to the problems bedeviling the country not just waffling in the media. Any person who disrespects the Head of State and Government should certainly face arrest.

Further to that, Mugadza nonsensically said that the reason why Zimbabweans continued to go to work despite receiving their salaries late was because of a spirit of witchcraft circulating in the country. Honestly, who is not aware that the government is currently financial constrained? Mugadza must stop purveying falsehoods and face reality. The government is making efforts to revive the economy whilst people like Mugadza are delusional and dreaming about witchcrafts.

Source - Chido Chikuni
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