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True Christians created to rule

04 May 2016 at 12:50hrs | Views
For years now I have been asking myself critical questions about Christianity and politics. In my search for answers I have asked
people, googled and conducted opinion polls ­ but every time, I came out with more questions than answers. I then began to seek answers
from God Himself through His Word and that is when things became clearer and clearer for me.

The question I had which I shall seek to answer by this article are and others to follow is: should Christians be involved in politics?

After God had created human beings in Genesis 1 v 28 He blessed them and said they should ³be fruitful, multiply and subdue/rule/govern the
earth and have authority/rule/have dominion over everything on the earth. As children of God we were created to rule/govern/have authority/subdue and through political office we get the administrative mandate to exercise that blessing which God blessed us with from the beginning.
God did not only create us to rule the world spiritually but also physically and practically.

When we Christians take up political office we do so to manage or govern our Father¹s property ­ the world. I find it very strange that the children of God today are running away and finding every excuse possible to run away from managing the creation and property of their father (God) and they leave the Œnext door kids¹ (heathen) to do so.

When those Œnext door kids¹ mismanage, destroy, kill and plunder (just like their father¹s nature described in John 10 v 10a) we the rightful owners ­ Christians ­ begin to cry, mourn, complain, fast and pray.

Brethren, ruling, governing, having authority is our mandate because this world is our inheritance. We should not be apologetic to take up political office and rule this world and this country because we are governing our Father¹s creation which He created for us and also gave us to govern.
By taking political office we are exercising our mandate to govern our vegetation, our animals, our minerals, our land, our waters, our air which God created for us and said Œit is good¹ (Genesis 1). These are our resources they are not of the devil so why do we leave the agents of the devil to be managing our own resources? It is like trusting the rat to manage your groundnuts!

I encourage us Christians to rise up from our comfort zones, claim our rightful space as rulers, governors and bearers of authority in this world and this country. Let us take up authority as School Development Committees, Residents Chairpersons, Councilors, Members of Parliament, Ministers and even President.

Don¹t forget we are the heads and not the tails and should be at the top and never at the bottom (Deuteronomy 28 v 13) and even the whole
creation eagerly awaits our manifestation as the children of God (Romans 8 v 19).

Don¹t miss the next episode of THE TRUTH as we discuss more on the issue of Christians and Politics!

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