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Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

24 Jul 2016 at 07:21hrs | Views
QN "Idolatry was a problem in Israel "Examine this view .How far has satanism affected the individuals in your society (25)

Divinity Revision Question|24 July 2016

-Idolatry cannot be separated with the Israelites ,the Israelites practiced  syncretism .The word syncretism means mixing two or more  religions  .The Israelites were always condemned by prophets because of idolatry this is evidenced by the golden calf incident which is recorded in Exodus 32:15-33.To mention few only. In order for you to understand the above question, you must be able to answer the following fundamental questions
~What is idolatry?
~What is satanism?
~U.S.A English dictionary define idolatry as worshipping of  idols whereas Anderson submitted that idolatry is anything which Israel placed their trust on.

-Idolatry which was practiced by the Israelites was a problem. When the Israelites reached Canaan ,idolatry was practiced after Jezebel had imported her foreign gods [Baal prophets and Asherah goddess] from Phoenicia .There was religious confusion among the Israelites ,ending some to divorce Yahweh and some mixing two religions .As such this indicates that idolatry was a problem in Israel as it brought religious confusion.

-Idolatry was a problem among the Israelites as this led them to be immoral ,hence violating the Mosaic Covenant. Prophets like Amos,Hosea severely criticized the cultic centres because of what was happening for instance ,cultic prostitution ,as it was believed that it is a way of appeasing gods .Idolatry corrupted people in Israel, it also led to the rejection by Yahweh perhaps it  led to the punishment [we all know the punishment of Yahweh .Read Amos 7&8 and Jeremiah ].This indicates that Idolatry was a problem in Israel.

N.B There are so many points which can be added

-In as much as idolatry was a problem in Israel one should consider the view that there are some factors which were problems in Israel. For instance the corrupt kings were problems in Israel .King Ahab is an enough evidence, to justify the above statement. He is well known of planning the war against the Ramoth Gilead people .The context of 1st Kings 22 :1-10 will support the writer .As such this indicates that Ahab was a problem in Israel specifically to the Ramoth Gilead people .[So many points about Ahab as a problem can be added ].

-The elite class was a problem to the Israelites.Amos a man who is regarded as the prophet of social justice condemned them for their actions probably he knew that they were problems, this is recorded in Amos 2:6& 4:1 .Amos went on to condemn them for silencing the prophets ,this is recorded in Amos 2:11.As such this validate that idolatry was not the only problem in Israel.

-Satanism has affected many people in the society, to begin with pupils .Media records many drop outs especially boarding schools on daily basis and the root cause being the satanism which will be prevailing on that particular school. As such number of parents nowadays prefer to send their children in daily schools instead of boarding schools, this can be supported by the increase of  enrolment in day schools than the boarding schools .As such this indicates that satanism affects lot of people in our society.

-Zimbabwean prophets have faced lot of problems in trying to exorcize the spirit of satanism, some manifesting saying "He lost his/her job…..marriage, money e.t.c because I want him/her to be always under Satanist kingdom under the water" .This is affecting the individuals to certain degree. As such this indicates that satanism has affected lot of people in our society.

N.B Number of points can be added.

-It is prudent at this stage to remember that Christianity  on it's self has affected lot of people .Number of people have lost their property in trying to do what they call is "seeding" .Media records such stories on daily basis .The church leaders use or have used the religion as a weapon or instrument for their own success but in return affecting the mass .Injustice is prevailing among the churches ,people they are being affected .This can justify the view of Karl Max which says "religion is the opium of the poor" it makes the poor to feel content with their status, has affecting them.

-Justify the above allegation

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