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25 Jul 2016 at 07:15hrs | Views
QN: Discuss the relationship of Kings and prophets?

A level Divinity Revision Question | 25 July 2016

-The old testament deals with number of so many prophets and one should note the prophets prophesied during the reign of different Kings .The first prophet to anoint a king was Samuel ,he anointed Saul after the elders of Israel had gathered at Ramah and requested for a King,this is indicated in  1st Samuel 8:4 .

-The relationship of kings and prophets in Ancient Israel  was characterized of hostility and friendship ,this cannot be denied .This will be demonstrated on the ongoing article.

-I usually emphasize on the issue of trying to ask yourself different fundamental questions before attempting to answer the whole question .This will help you to understand the question at the same time remembering vital points which should not be ignored. The writer will do justice and assist you.

~What is a King?
~What is a prophet?
~Who was the first King?
~What was the relationship of Kings and prophets?
~Why the relationships were characterised of amicable or hostility?

-The fact that the question doesn't indicate the exact place where we must focus on,this will lead the writer to include Pharoah the Egyptian.

-Moses was commissioned by Yahweh to free the Israelites which were under the hands of Pharoah who was oppressing them on daily basis.The task of Moses was political,hence, he was suppose to negotiate with Pharoah. Unfortunately, Pharoah did not understand this ,as such leading him to view Moses as an enemy instead of  friend. This is the reason why Pharoah tried to stop the Israelites with Moses moving  to the promised Land and this might be the reason why Moses badly treated the King (sending locust) As such, this will lead one to conclude that the relationship of king and prophet was far from being friendly, hence, hostile.

-Samuel as a prophet anointed the first King Saul,initially they were friends this is even evidenced by Samuel directing Saul where there were band of prophets,this is recorded in 1st  Samuel 10:5 "After that you shall come to Gibeathelohim, where there is a garrison of the Philistines; and there, as you come to the city, you will meet a band of prophets coming.." And also the fact that Samuel and Saul offered sacrifices together this proves to us that initially the relationship was sweet. However ,it is prudent at this stage to remember that the relationship changed from being sweet to sour  when Saul hijacked the duties of a priest, as such leading Samuel to dethrone him,this is recorded in 1st  Samuel 13:13.Therefore, this indicate that the relationship of Samuel the prophet and King Saul in early days it was amicable whereas during the last days it was hostile.

-The king David  had his two courts prophets ,Nathan and Gad. The prophets played different roles ,but one should note that they all advice the kings. Nathan advice David to extent of being involved in the establishment of the Davidic covenant, this is recorded in 2rd Samuel 7:12-16.As such this indicates that Nathan had amicable relationship with the King. The prophet Gad, David's seer who is recorded in 2rd Samuel 24:11 ,advised the King on daily he went on to extent of advising the King to built the alter, this is evidenced 2rd Samuel 24:21.These two court prophets received a remuneration fee from the King this has led number of scholars to regard them as "civil servants". As such this indicate that the two prophets had amicable relationship with the King.

-The Tishbite prophesied during the reign of The Omri candidate ,Ahab.The second action of Elijah was to challenge Ahab with his wife ,this is evidenced by the action of Elijah commanding Ahab to gather the Baal prophets. Ahab went on to regard Elijah as the "troubler".After sometime Elijah went on to confront the King over Naboth's vineyard ,this is recorded in 1st  Kings 21:17 .Soon after the event Elijah went on to prophesy the death of Ahab,this is recorded in 1st  Kings 21:19  "…..dogs will lick your blood".Such evidence will lead the writer to suggest that Elijah the prophet with King Ahab had hostile relationship.

-The Ramoth Gilead incident is known by number of students.The King of Israel says that he hates Micah Ben Imlah for his message ,this is recorded in 1st  Kings 22:8 "And the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, "There is yet one man by whom we may inquire of the LORD, Micaiah the son of Imlah; but I hate him, for he never prophesies good concerning me, but evil" The point at this stage is the word "hate",there is no element of friendship or amicable, hence,this gives us a picture about the relationship of  Ahab and Micah Ben Imlah.

N.B  There are so many examples which can be added .For instance
~Ahaz with the Prophet of Jerusalem Isaiah
~Hezekiah with prophet Isaiah
~Jeremiah the prophet of Judah with Josiah
~Amos the country prophet with Jeroboam 2

~Discuss the relationship.

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