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'Our government is assisting in HIV re-distribution' - WhatsApp update

12 May 2014 at 06:49hrs | Views
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7:08am, 11 May - ‪+258 8* *** ****‬:
Good morning guys.iwould lke to encourage u.fest of all thanks a lot for good job ,its a well done job because you actualy focus on everthin

7:13am, 11 May - ‪+258 8* *** ****‬: your supplement is actualy complete keep on breafing us what is happening around the world.your b24 is becoming my favourite because everday there is something new to read about.thanks [name supplied]

2:42pm, 11 May - Bulawayo24 News: Thank you [name withheld]
[name supplied] for your support!

8:09am, 12 May - ‪+258 8* *** ****‬: Thank you taking this opportunity once again maybe you would allow this publication of my question go straight away to my fellow zimbabweans,they must answer me

8:31am, 12 May - ‪+258 8* *** ****‬: firstly i would like to know why the cases of rape case is increasing in zimbabwe.ive been reading just now .what kind of people are we guys ,it is only happening in zimbabwe .are we reviving sodoma and gomora.everthing we are doing in zimbabwe is fullfiling the bible s peophesy .it is becoming worse even our honorable are involved ,noone is perfect in zimbabwe ,at the churches worse .can we imagine that we are spreading aids amost everwhere in the country .its look like zimbabwe is gaining control in aids distribuition .our government is assisting in this distribution .i urge the who unicef and other organisation to investigate this .it is against our pride .im working in mozambique ever since i started i vent heard about rape cases ,satanism that is tomenting people even at the boarding  schools .it is sad that we are dying with future of our country .,my dear coleagues in diaspora are not stable because of their children which are exposed to any kind of abuse .zimbabweans cant be trusted even an old man can rape his own daughtor  so what about their grand daughters

8:37am, 12 May - ‪+258 8* *** ****‬: going to church nowadays has no solution maybe the silution is remaun with god.our government is irresponsible .we dont trust them.they have to know these .everything happening in zimbabwe the government is responsibe for it.they created great confusion that will never end.who will enf this trouble  thank you

8:40am, 12 May - Bulawayo24 News: Do you mind us publishing your name sir?

8:43am, 12 May - ‪+258 8* *** ****‬:
Yes sir i think so  thank you

8:47am, 12 May - Bulawayo24 News: That's fine, we will publish the whole chat and where you stated your name we will just put 'name supplied'

8:50am, 12 May - ‪+258 86 108 3237‬: Thank you .keep on doing good job we support you good job

Source - Byo24News via WhatsApp
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