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Sunday Women Matters with Blondie - Who are the Child Molesters?

06 Jul 2014 at 16:41hrs | Views

It is difficult to draw a profile of the typical child molester. They come from all walks of life. Some are in positions of authority over children. The common image of the typical child molester as a stranger is largely untrue. The majority of child molesters know their victims. They may be relatives, family friends, neighbours or anyone else the child routinely comes into contact with. The desire to sexually abuse children is a sexual preference.

The offender generally prefers sexual contact with children to any other form of sexual expression, even though he or she may have sexual relationships within his or her own peer group. It is rare that a child molester commits only one such crime. Hence the need for parents and children to report child sexual assault incidents so that perpetrators are brought to book before they molest more children.

Furthermore, a child should always be taken seriously when he or she relates a story of sexual abuse. We all know that children are capable of making up stories and fantasising but it is important to realise that a child can only report the specifics of an abuse if it actually occurred.

Source - Lorraine Blondie Sibanda
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