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Women matters with Blondie - Gov please get your hands off the struggling women

31 Jul 2014 at 13:07hrs | Views

If the incident of a Municipality of Masvingo driver who drove over a 2 month old baby at Mucheke Bus Terminus in Masvingo is not heartfully deterrent for government to get its hands off the struggling women of Zimbabwe then there is a need of urgent humanitarian education into our parliament.

Alarm bells have been ringing on the government and councils' desperation to collect money from the informal sector that disaster is on its way. One Fungai Rutsava, 23 of Masvingo also died in recent weeks fleeing police who were raiding vendors in the same area. Municipal Police have been attacked in almost all the major urban centres while trying to rid informal traders from the streets.

Council vehicles have been burnt, properties destroyed and innocent by standers injured in these wars between councils and vendors. What more is the nation waiting to happen before government can think of a better approach to handling the vendors and informal traders in our urban streets.

Not to be seen to be condoning lawlessness, these incidents should immediately be taken as a wake up call to government that something is not right in the country. A normal functional economy can not be one where everyone is a seller with no buyers.

A full functional government at any level is expected to be protecting its citizens and not brutalising them and killing even as innocent of its citizen to as young as 2 months.

Women of Zimbabwe are crying to you our government to think twice. Our being on the streets selling every little thing that can be sold in a regulated shop is not because we are enterprising but because we are desperate. Please spare us the hard hands and give us an ear instead and come up with a solution to our problems. We need to make a living to feed our kids at home and not have council trucks run over them at ranks.

Source - Byo24News
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