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Sunday Women matters with Blondie - Sexualisation of Women?

07 Sep 2014 at 12:51hrs | Views
 Come on ladies we can do better

I was watching a music video on TV during the week. The video had some six men beautifully dressed in designer suits and all, around them were very beautiful young women not half dressed but near naked performing all the dirty dancing you can think of for them.

The men remained seated on expensive chairs, smoking cigars and drinking whisky as if not to care about the women who continued dirty dancing for them and looking so desperate.

While I thought of ignoring that, the worst struck me when I opened a newspaper publication and there was a story about a local rogue dancer. A picture of her in one of her dances struck me almost dead. I don't even want to describe the picture, I know some of you have seen the picture I am talking about.

I had never really cared to follow her controversial life, but all I can say about that picture is that it struck me near dead to see a sister in that kind of a position in public just for money.

Come on ladies I really believe we can do better than this. Why are we allowing ourselves to be viewed by our male counterparts as nothing but mere objects for sexual pleasure? You open some social media accounts of some of our sisters, you find some of us deliberately self sexualising themselves by posting their very own pictures in 90% nudity and very suggestive positions. Why??

Come on ladies, we are of a greater value than being sexual objects for the world. We come a long way in life and have a huge role to play in life.

From the changes our bodies undergo during pregnancy to the incomparable pain of childbirth, to the incredibly difficult post natal period where we either feel overwhelmed by the reality of having a living breathing being that requires our constant attention. The unbearably painful and emotional early stages of breastfeeding and then the emotional rollercoaster of being all things to our children while managing our household and or maintaining full time jobs. And worse ensuring we remain looking good enough to dissuade our partners or husbands from straying!!!

Isn't that bearing enough already? Why then do we need to go the unnecessary extra way to expose ourselves so cheap? I strongly feel that our representation in parliament needs to look into some legislation that can help maintain our dignity against this abuse.
Source - Lorraine Blondie Ndlovu
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