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Boob and hips job, sucks!

03 Nov 2011 at 13:03hrs | Views
HIE ladies, someone please help me understand women who are so particular about what men think of them. Why are they being so cruel to themselves?

At first women were crazy with lightening creams that left most of their face complexion maroon and as if that was not enough, now the boobs, buttocks and hips creams are hitting the Bulawayo streets.

Most women would enlarge their breasts and hips because they want to look as attractive as possible to the opposite sex. It is unfortunate that most of us have been brought up being told that if you do not have a man in your life at any particular time then you are not a real woman.

This other day I laughed my lungs out when I met a woman who is now disfigured as a result of applying hip creams and drinking apetito pills. It's not that I am heartless or what, but I believe that we were wonderfully and fearfully made. These people who are enhancing themselves, do they think that they can do a better job than God himself?

Pity them, as their creams seem to be failing them. You know one side of the hips can grow bigger than the other one and you find that maybe it would be thrice bigger than the other one. The other breast can balloon while the other one remains its original size, so how do you show off your cleavage in such a situation?

Of course my sisters I am not a physician but I have no doubts that these products are not good. You know our body frames support our flesh with height, mass and they produce hormones at the right timing when they are needed.
All this shows that it is unnecessary for one to inject hormones to vigorously accelerate some in a bid to make some body parts grow.

Eish, women seem to forget that all the goodies are between the legs and nowhere else!

Most of the sisters who do this, they would be trying to attract men and for those who are already married they also want to look sexy.

Why get breast enlargement? If a man will only love you for your boobs and hips then he's worthless and you do not have to waste your precious time with him.

Men, men, we know that they were created first but hey they do not own us. Their insatiable sexual appetite and pervasive ideas!

The fact still remains that most men prefer women with big hips and breasts, but sisters do not compromise your health and appearance for them. We can afford to have a body of spare parts. Tomorrow when you are disfigured, they are the first people to laugh at you and to them; you will be as good as dead.

You know working at an environment with more men than women, I have realised that men comment when a curvaceous woman passes by and they all wish to take off her clothes and see the curves without any disturbances.

Be real and maintain your looks, do not be like these other sisters of ours who go through a lot of trouble just to be accepted by the opposite sex regardless of the harm or side effects of these products.

I know that no one wants to die a lone ranger and even if you are small, believe me you drive someone crazy and you will break many hearts when the time of choosing the love of your life comes.

One friend of mine said an interesting thing which I had not taken note of, "You know these hip and breast expansion creams are originally from China, but how come they do not use them? If you check the China ladies, they look real and I doubt if they ever use these creams."

Be confident of what your mama gave yaa 'assets'!

Why do women feel that they have to alter their appearance to please their significant others? Ah, no!

Sisters, I have realised that African men like big everything and same applies to us, the African women, for us to be satisfied we need that big one eyed monster to satisfy us.

I wonder how many men would be willing to have some sort of enlargement to please us women. Beside the issue of 'vuka vuka' men rarely go an extra mile. So ladies, if he won't do it for you why would you mutilate and alter your beautiful self for him? This is wrong on many levels. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours...

Parting shot: The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ~Roseanne Barr
Source - Sakhile Sakala
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