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The most popular sport in the world

by Staff Writer
27 Apr 2021 at 08:06hrs | Views
Sport is an important element of union between all peoples of the world. When you speak different languages, have different habits or when you are thousands of miles away from home, you just need to get together in front of a football match or improvise a football pitch even on the street to create a common atmosphere of joy and union.

Professional athletes visit hundreds of cities during their careers, and most of them speak more than three languages. Sport is a common topic of conversation as well as a pivotal point that unites fans of the same team or athletes from all over the world.

Some sports are more popular in certain countries, others are less popular, but thanks also to the possibility of following many matches online, on pay-per-view or in streaming through bookmakers - you can find a list on bettingsider24 - the spread of sporting passion knows no horizons.However, what is the most popular sport in the world, in terms of the number of supporters and athletes? Let's find out in the next paragraphs.

Football - Without a doubt the most popular sport in the world

In the United States they call it Soccer, in the rest of the world football, soccer, futbol. Football is without a doubt the most popular and loved sport in the world. The data states that more than half of the entire world population (around 3.5 billion people) love football and play it regularly.

The rules of football are extremely simple and this sport can be practiced practically anywhere, from metropolitan streets to beaches, gardens and large stadiums. From an early age in any part of the world it happens to play football, create teams with friends and schoolmates or try to fulfill the dream of becoming a professional footballer by enrolling in academies.

Obviously the great football champions such as Messi or C. Ronaldo contribute to the spread of football not only in the countries where they play, but throughout the world as real international superstars. In recent years, countries such as China, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Australia have actively approached football, thanks also to famous footballers at the end of their career who have served as football ambassadors.

Cricket - The most popular sport in Asia and Commonwealth Countries

In second place among the most popular sports in the world we find, somewhat surprisingly, cricket. It must be admitted that cricket is considered in most of the world a "minor" sport and it is really little followed, but at the same time it is very popular in the British countries and in the former colonies belonging to the Commonwealth.

Countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia and the British Caribbean Islands consider cricket as the national sport  and, thanks also to the very high population density, cricket can count on about 2, 5 billion followers around the world.

Table Tennis - The unexpected "Underdog"

In addition to classic sports such as basketball, hockey, volleyball or tennis, it is curious to note how in the list of sports with the most followers in the world we can find Table Tennis. As mentioned above for cricket, table tennis is also considered a "minor" sport in most of the world, but it is very popular in countries with a high population density, such as China and Russia.

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