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Bosso issues call to Arms: Let us fill up BF for May 23 Showdown

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 May 2024 at 09:39hrs | Views
Highlanders Football Club has issued an impassioned call to their devoted supporters, urging them to turn out in numbers for the crucial home match on May 23rd, despite the necessary increase in gate entrance fees. Faced with escalating operational costs, the club is relying on the unwavering support of its fans to overcome these financial challenges.

In a heartfelt message posted on their website, the club expressed profound gratitude to their fans for their continued support. "You have supported your team in your beautiful thousands, and we need to always acknowledge and thank you. Siyalincoma. Siyalibonga," the message read.

The upcoming match, set for Thursday, promises to be a significant showdown as Highlanders face the log leaders, Manica Diamonds. The club emphasized the importance of the fans' presence, describing them as the "12th Man" and the "biggest foot forward" for the team. "Bakithi, asibuyeni ngobunengi bethu and fill up eMagumeni, sing and support our team," the club urged.

Highlanders have faced a series of demanding fixtures recently, including a challenging away game in Kariba and another in Chisumbanje. These matches required extensive travel and camping, adding to the club's financial strain. Despite these hurdles, the club remains hopeful and confident, trusting in their loyal supporters to rise to the occasion.

"We just came from a Kariba game (2 nights camping); then the midweek against log leaders Manica Diamonds (1 day camping); weekend besesisiya ekucineni kwelizwe leee eChisumbanje (another 2 days camping). Ebunandini lasebunzimeni, sithembe lina maBosso," the message continued.

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) has permitted a slight increase in gate charges, which the club sees as a necessary step to cover the mounting costs. Highlanders thanked the PSL for this allowance and asked their fans for understanding and patience. "Lisibekezelele bakwethu. Thank you to PSL for allowing us to raise the gate charges a little. The costs of the Club have been a real challenge of late."

In this moment of need, Highlanders are counting on their fans to fill the stands and create the electrifying atmosphere that only Bosso supporters can deliver. "Wozani mabutho, liwaxhase aMahlonyama. As the burden gets heavy, we count on you," the club appealed.

Highlanders Football Club's message is clear: the support of their fans is not just appreciated, but essential. As the team battles both on and off the field, the presence and passion of their supporters can make all the difference. "Siyabonga. UBUHLE BE-BOSSO NGABALANDELI BAYO," the message concluded.

Let us rally behind our team, Highlanders, and show the strength and unity of Bosso fans. Your presence at the match is not just about watching a game; it's about supporting a legacy, a community, and a beloved club in its time of need. See you at eMagumeni on the 23rd – together, we are unstoppable!

Source - Byo24News