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Bosso petitioners forge ahead

by Ngqwele Dube
23 Nov 2014 at 09:00hrs | Views
A SECTION of Highlanders Football Club members pushing for a shift in the date of the club's annual general meeting say they are forging ahead with their plans despite opposition from some within the institution.

One of the backers of the petition, Leeroy Maplanka, said they were not perturbed by those opposing them and are heading for the 100 signatures required by the club's constitution to call for a special AGM, where they would push for the amendment of the constitution.

Maplanka and his team are seeking to have the AGM date moved to an earlier date instead of the constitutionally stipulated end of January.

"Yes some may be opposed to what we are doing but we feel this is the best route to go and we are doing it in the interest of the club and there is absolutely no malice in our intentions. The board chairman (Mgcini Nkolomi) might be against our idea but he clearly said it is within our constitutional rights to call for a special AGM and we are going ahead," he said.

Maplanka said they were yet to collate the full number of signatures they have so far but expressed confidence they would have managed to attain 100 signatures by the end of the month.

He said at the last count, close to 80 bona fide members had appended their signatures to the petition.

Nkolomi was quoted saying the club had due systems to address the club members' concerns hence there was no need for them to seek a constitutional amendment.

Former Bosso vice-chairman Sikhanyiso Moyo also spoke out against those seeking to have the constitution changed saying their actions were being stoked by emotions of anger that were the result of the team's dismal performance during the second stanza of the Premier Soccer League season.

The petition, states the agenda as being the amendment of Article 16.1 of the Highlanders constitution which reads: "The annual general meeting of the club shall be held during the month of January."

The change in the AGM dates will affect the holding of elections for the executive which are scheduled for next year as they are held a week after the assembly's gathering.

Maplanka said they were calling for the extraordinary general meeting under Article 17 of the Highlanders constitution which allows for the holding of an EGM at anytime for members to discuss an urgent matter. The club's constitution, in Article 17.5, states that "At least 100 paid up members by petition, or a resolution of the executive committee or board of trustees may call such a meeting."

Elections for the members of the executive that include the chairmanship, currently held by Peter Dube, secretary-general (Andrew Tapela) and committee member, which is occupied by Charles Moyo are due after the club's next AGM as per constitutional provisions.

Maplanka said they believed it was best to have elections for the executive soon after the end of the footballing season rather than at the beginning of February.

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