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Happy 90Th Birthday Highlanders Football Club - MLF

by MLF
06 Apr 2016 at 23:41hrs | Views
ON behalf of the entire Mthwakazi nation, we write to congratulate and express our gratitude for Highlanders football Club on their attainment of 90 years.
Amhlophe! Amhllophe Mahlolanyama!
Babethi kayibulawe kanti bayayihlomisa!
Babethi bayayihlobula kanti bayayihlobisa!
Iqembu lezwe lonke likaMalandela!
Hlolani libamb' elikhulu ngenkul' inhlokomo!
Halala! Bosso Tshilamoya!
IBosso yi Bosso ngenkani!
Ongafuniyo kayele!

It is very disheartening, how ever, to note that our National team (Ithimu yezwe lonke) has been influx ed by mercenary players from neighbouring Zimbabwe who join with ulterior motives to thwart the team's performance, thereby relegating it to inferior log standing and cup collection. As MLF we urge the national team to be strictly Mthwakazi nationals, without fear or favor. We urge the team management to make it a policy that all players are from within Mthwakazi- certainly there is no scientific logic to find 90 percent of players coming from Zimbabwe . We do not need even one of them.
Players don't have to have 5 "O"levels with Mathematics and Shona as an added advantage. Scout as far afield and bring us that tantalizing soccer of the years before you introduced players from Zimbabwe. We remember and thank the Royal family members who died in foreign lands as slaves of our colonizers. The colonizing forces then were backed by the forefathers you now prefer over the Royal kith and kin.

We need to stand our ground now that we have signed The Declaration of our independence. From that date we assumed our real independence without fear of favour. It is time we stood our ground and took all challenges with the right players. Mercenaries won't win us anything.
Lingakhohlwa sport embodies our Culture and foreigners never promote indigenous cultures.

Source - MLF