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Sports Betting: Taking the Nation by Storm

by Staff Reporter
18 Jan 2018 at 19:07hrs | Views
There has been a steady rise in the activity of gambling in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa in the field of sports betting. As sports have been and continue to be a part of the local topic of interest with its citizens, especially the youth, the attribution of enjoying the games watched while combining their interest in sports betting is steadily growing to be an industry of its own.

How it works
Most times, teenagers are hooked into the trend by harmless watching of a sports match. Being unwittingly pulled into the scene of sports betting seems to be harmless at first as various websites like Nairabet provides perks to new players. Their Nairabet promotion bonus entitles users to have a double-down on their sign-up reaching as much as twice your initial sign-up of ₦100,000. This initial bounty is quite a bonus that is rarely provided by other websites which makes it a hugh incentive when it comes to attracting players of all ages. The attractiveness of sports betting and its security can be up for debate as it is up to the player to stay in or opt out of a bet. There have been games when they've either bet blindly or have lost at the last-second. Some sites have ways to drop your bet at any time within an ongoing match. The range of how much money you can pull out depends on the odds of the match at hand.

International ties
Some relate the ongoing influx of online gambling to the vast number of Chinese-owned online casinos that are frequently visited. As some investors profit through the loopholes in tax laws, several businesses such as raffle joints and illegal betting centers are prominent. The Association of Nigerian Bookmakers makes sure that it monitors its members activities if they are found to have defied set regulations. Certain agencies regarding bettings also bring in the Lagos State Lotteries Board which makes sure that betting numbers are neither too high or too low. Though the government has made sure that there is no illegal gambling, and regulations are made in order to maintain the purity of gambling, it is still a popular trend that has turned a lot of citizens, especially the youth, into avid players.

Effect on the community
More and more players are getting attracted to the online gambling trend. With the rise of interconnectivity through mobile phones and online casinos within a palm's reach, the spread of sports betting has slowly begun to be a part of daily life. For many people, online gambling is no longer just an activity for the rich, it's an addiction that can be easily accessible to all social statuses with gambling centers being effectively prominent in more vulnerable parts of society.
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