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Favorite sports in Zimbabwe

by Staff Writer
20 Jun 2019 at 21:51hrs | Views
In an African country like Zimbabwe, almost all the people here love sports. Like anywhere else in the world, there are tremendous sport fans, especially in some particular sports. According to the result of some surveys, in Zimbabwe, the most popular sports are water skiing, swimming, golf, handball, tennis, cricket and of course, football or soccer.

Although there are not many achievements in terms of sports in this country, the aforementioned are still very attractive to fans in Zimbabwe. Especially in swimming, Zimbabwe has a famous athlete who has gained tremendous achievements worldwide, Kirsty Coventry. In the past, Zimbabwe used to hold the Olympic Games Hosts, and the 2003 Cricket World Cup, co-hosted by Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

It must be good for us to get to know some more details for the sports in Zimbabwe. In fact, Zimbabwe government encouraged their people to play sports and practice physically, or even go to gyms. Nowadays, many people in this country are interested in sports, and the number is increasing fast day by day. So far, the most popular sport in this country is soccer, or football (not American football). Not only being popular as a land-based sport, football is also a favorite sport to play online. If in America, people love Online Poker in NJ, in Zimbabwe, everyone is into online FIFA. There are two professional football leagues in Zimbabwe. They are the CBZ's Premier League and the Zimbabwe Football Association.

In football particularly, the government often creates opportunities for their team to compete with other national teams from different countries in the world. They join in the Youth Soccer League and Youth Olympics Squad to increase their chances to participate in more professional football championships on the global scale. The most famous football player in the country is striker Knowledge Musona, who plays for Kaizer Chief. In 2010 season, he scored 6 goals in the South African League. In the same year, he finished a successful season in the career with the award PSL Club Rookie of the Year.

The most admiring sport construction in the country is the National Sports Stadium. With the capacity up to 60,000 seats, this is the venue for big sports events such as football matches or rugby union matches. In the July of 2012, the first annual CrossFit event was held in Zimbabwe. This is a sport event which focuses on exercises for the whole body or functionally, to increase the cardiovascular fitness and agility. In many sport aspects, this country has excellent athletes to contribute to the common achievements of the whole. Especially in swimming, Kirsty Coventry is the pride of Zimbabwe.

In the 2004 Athens Olympics, she received 1 gold, silver and bronze medals, and in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she took 1 gold and 3 silver medals. Until 2014, Zimbabwe has got eight Olympic medals from they first participated in 1980. Zimbabwe is truly a sporty country, which is often chosen to be the host of many sport events in the world. With the investment and the encouragement of the government, in the near future, there are surely more excellent athletes to appear and bring about even more achievement for this country.

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