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How sports betting is developing in Zimbabwe

by Staff Writer
02 Aug 2019 at 06:09hrs | Views
There are certain parts of the world that seem to be synonymous with gambling, with places like the UK and Nevada being among the most popular spots, where people can access their favorite sites through UK betting directories. While these places, and several others besides, are considered to be the mainstays of the betting world, there are other regions where gambling is alive and well and very much on the rise. Africa is one such place, with Zimbabwe being one of the countries where gambling is thriving. While the industry is flourishing there, Zimbabwe also faces some issues that is hampering that growth to a certain extent.

Zimbabwe is actually a little bit of a betting hub in Africa, with numerous casinos and betting facilities in place in the 11 major cities there. There are laws in place to regulate gambling and keep it fair, but those laws have remained unchanged for quite some time, which means that the waters are somewhat muddy when you get into the discussion about online wagering, which is where the majority of the growth within the industry in general is currently taking place.

The organization in control of the betting industry in Zimbabwe is the Lotteries and Gambling Board, who oversees the regulations put in place via the Lotteries and Gambling Act of 2000. Within those rules and regulations are the laws governing the operation of bricks and mortar casino's, which is where much of the betting action takes place. While the internet was around back then, there were not a lot of people in the country with access to it, which was why online gambling regulations were seen as a bit of an afterthought that did not need much attention.

Those laws are going to need to change soon, as online gambling is becoming incredibly popular. While internet penetration is still low when compared to other parts of the world, the ability to play at online casinos on your smartphone has caused people to take to the internet in droves to get a slice of the betting action. That has prompted many online casinos operating outside of the country to open their doors to the people of Zimbabwe, which has created another problem for the locals looking to wager online.

The biggest issue being faced by people looking to play online is the fact that Zimbabwe no longer has its own currency. The Zimbabwean dollar ceased to exist back in 2009, but those online operations that do allow players from this part of the world allow them to play in US Dollars, while at the bricks and mortar casino level, a variety of different currencies, such as Euros, the British Pound, and the South African Rand are gladly accepted. With the demand for online betting action, it may not be long before Zimbabwe is seen as an emerging online betting market.

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