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Archery essentials you should know about as a novice

by Staff Writer
06 Aug 2019 at 14:13hrs | Views
Source: Glencore activities
As an inexperienced archer, there are many questions on your mind. Can you hone your skills within a timely fashion? Is the bow you have a good fit for your level? What accessories are needed? This article will take you through all the archery essentials you should know about.

You need an armguard
That's not something that looks fashionable as you might have seen in movies. An armguard serves a very particular purpose, which is to protect you from bruising your arm each time you release your bow. The bowstring can be very powerful, and you could get injured quite easily.

You don't have to think about purchasing something expensive. An armguard can cost as little as 5 dollars, so it is not the type of investment that you should overlook because of budget restraints.

Why you should get a release aid
To make the best out of your shots, and your weapon of choice is a compound bow, you should think about getting a release aid. A good-quality one will indeed be more expensive than the regular stock you can find in stores, but the investment is all worth it.
If you are serious about becoming an accomplished archer, and you see yourself still practicing archery years from now, this is a good piece of advice: invest in a release aid and enjoy honing your skills at a faster rate.

Gloves are a pretty good choice, too
Hunting gloves look pretty cool, but it is more than meets the eye when it comes to picking the right one. First of all, you must choose one that fits your hand well. If you have ever seen Katniss in Hunger Games stretching her bow and using a glove to do that, you must have thought it pretty great.

This accessory is a good idea for recurve bows, and the best part is that hunting gloves are available in many different colors and cool designs so that you can have your pick with ease.

The alternative – a finger tab
If you're not particularly fond of the idea of wearing a glove, as your hand might get sweaty, and in warm weather, it might not be that comfortable, think about replacing it with a finger tab. It won't cover your entire hand, and it is usually made from leather, so it has a pretty long lifespan.

A bow stand
Even if you only have one bow, you want it to be stored in impeccable conditions. For that, a good idea would be to look at some good bow stands that are available at archery shops. Check to see if the models on sale are versatile in case you don't want to settle for a single type of bow.

Think about a quiver that fits your style
In case you're thinking that being an archer means holding one on your back like Robin Hood, you should know that quivers have come a long way since the days of the legendary hero. You can now find quivers that can be attached at the hip, and there are also models called field quivers. They are not expensive and easy to find at specialized stores.

Is it a good idea to use a bow sight?
Some may argue that using a sight takes some of the experience of shooting a bow and arrows. However, as a beginner, you will find it easier to aim at your target with the help of such aid. Take a look at the available bow sights on the market, and see which ones are the best for a novice.

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