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David Haye v Dereck Chisora: live

by Sports reporter
15 Jul 2012 at 08:01hrs | Views
Round-by-round commentary of the fight between David Haye and Dereck Chisora at Upton Park on Saturday 14 July 2012.

22.31 Haye has acquired a couple of belts. It's at this stage where I expose my lack of boxing knowledge but... why has he won belts?! Whose were they?

22.28 So it was a big right cross that felled Chisora the first time. He was up with suicidal speed. The flurry that ended the fight saw Haye's speed prove far too much for Chisora. A left opened him up, a right hook did for him and Haye landed another devastating left uppercut as Chisora fell to the floor. They're shaking hands in the ring. Aw, that's nice. Friends again.

We are go. Here's Alex Hubbard:

E-mail Felt I needed to say that this fight is an absolute disgrace. It is a naughty school fight but once you're an adult school fights stop because adults are meant to be mature. They're just two attention-seekers who are upset because they lost their title fights.

The "disgrace" element isn't figuring too heavilly in my mind at the minute, as this is a great fight. Chisora swinging wildly once again, and every time he leans forwards and into a series of punches you do wonder about him catching Haye. There'd be a strong element of fortune to it, though, and Haye is responding every time with well-chosen and lightning fast responses with his right. Chisora coming over the top frequently, he's thudded the back of Haye's head on a couple of ocassions. Haye's knocked him down! Massive left hook! Chisora's up... But down again! AND THAT'S IT! David Haye wins!

Chisora with another big right as the pair head towards the ropes, but it opens up for Haye who lands a couple... Chisora's on the attack again, looking to overpower Haye with viscious charges towards the corner. Haye copes well, and they're back at arms length. The round peters out. Despite Chisora's promising combos there that's another round you'd score for Haye... It's probably all four in his favour so far.

Chisora coming into a bit more now, pushing Haye towards the ropes and the corner, but it's still Haye looking far more likely to land something approaching a killer blow. Sharp right nearly comes good. He's too quick for him. Chisora tying up Haye repeatedly as the round slips away, and these are the close quarters that favour the underdog. Suddenly they're toe to toe! Chisora catches him with a left hook at the bell, he's wobbling! That's the end of the round.

We've not had a telling blow landed yet, but it's not been tentative either. Haye has the look of a man that wants this dealt with quickly. Big right connects for Haye, after he comes close with another uppercut. Chisora unmoved, but he looked exposed there. Haye making all the running, but there's a little combination from Chisora which reminds him to be careful. He's warned for going over the top. The round ends in something of a stalemate, with Haye raising his eyebrows and saying something to Chisora, which I don't imagine is very nice. That's the end of the round. That straight right earlier glanced Chisora's chin but he barely flinched

Haye starting with intent, straight on the attack with a flurry of jabs. Chisora weathers the storm but looks to grab Haye's leg in retaliation which I'm pretty sure isn't allowed. Crikey, Chisora's big. Haye backing off a little more now, looking to weave his way into some space. Chisora misses with a big left hook, first time he's thrown a significant punch so far. He looks vulnerable, but Haye can't capitalise. Haye coming in closer towards the end of the round which is not where he wants to be. Another attempted hook from Chisora which Haye counters with a frightening uppercut. Neither connect, and there's the bell. 

Source - Telegraph