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The Ins and Out of UK Horse Racing Events

by Staff Writer
24 Sep 2020 at 13:15hrs | Views
Horse racing is steeped in tradition and the UK is home to some of the most renowned horse racing events in the world. Dotted throughout the UK and in all 4 home nations the horse racing is accessible to many both in person and on TV, which perhaps accounts for its huge popularity. Horse racing events give Brits the chance to dawn their favourite suits and best hats as they go for a boozed filled day out at the races. The races are a chance for folks to bet their money and spectate some of British sporting history unfold before their very eyes, whether at the bookies or with online platforms such as Timeform. There are a few huge race courses which see events dominating the calendar for Brits, so let's have a look at the ins and outs of UK horse racing events.

Royal Ascot
Enriched in Royal tradition this racing event is the one of the most popular sporting events in the country. Created by Queen Anne in 1711 this race has been a staple in British horseracing for centuries and literally has something for everyone. The tradition of the Royal attendees is alluring with Her Majesty the Queen in regular attendance each year alongside other prominent figures and elite-celebrities. The Gold Cup is the main event and attracts most of the horse betting throughout this whole event but the festival sees crazy hats, outrageous suits and rowdy merriment throughout. This event provides everything for everyone. Even if you are not a particularly big horse racing fan this place can be a fantastic event for a drink with friends and people watching. If you are more horse racing inclined then it offers a fantastic opportunity to bag a winner, provided you have done your research and checked the racecard for recent form!

The Grand National
Known to be one of the biggest races around the world this is a national gem for Britain. This event draws in people who would otherwise not bat an eyelids at horse racing, from office sweepstakes to one-time family punts, sports betting on this event goes through the roof. More often than not people betting on this are wagering their only bet of the year. It is the allure of this grandiose event which draws in the punters. A remarkable occasion full of prestige the national is a 30 fence marathon steeplechase which has thrown up some seriously good sporting events over its lifespan. Those attending are in for a class Liverpuddlian day out at Aintree filled with booze, bets and audacious attire. In the National it is near impossible to predict winners with 40 horses racing but recently Tiger Roll is looking to etch his name into history by winning the race for a 3rd time in a row in its next meeting. Quintessential to the British horse racing calendar the Grand National is the cup final of horse racing.

Cheltenham Festival
The Cheltenham Festival takes a modern spin on an old classic in the very British town. Acting similar to a music festival in a way this race event focuses on not just the horse racing but the other entertainment and antics which are spread across a 4 day period. More glamorous and boastful meetings it does host the important and illustrious Cheltenham Gold Cup which offers the biggest prize money of any cup in all of British Horse racing. For this reason alone horse betting here is huge and is reflected in the bookies winnings year in year out. However, you can get lucky, in fact a punter managed to win £160,000 from a £2 bet.

Whilst there are races throughout Britain from Ayr to Goodwood, these 3 are the main events in the horse racing calendar and are certainly ones not to be missed by casuals and hardcore fans alike.

Source - Byo24News

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