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Zimbabwe's softball pleads for sponsorship

by Daniel Itai
25 Nov 2020 at 15:52hrs | Views
COVID-19 has crippled many sporting realms and opened a pandora's box on how sporting disciplines are ferrying.

One of the latest casualty of COVID-19 is softball. Although not really known the sporting discipline has quite an audience and staunch players of the sport.

To those that might not know what softball is it's more like baseball but specifically designed for female players because of specifics such as the size and nature of the ball as well as the girth of the field.

In Zimbabwe, the professional league of softball notably known as the Diamonds Queens League was established in 2018 with annual notable tournaments such as the Inter Provincial (ITP) and Dream Cup.

However, due to the pandemic these tournaments are most probably now null and void with players only playing a handful of matches prior to the lockdown earlier on in March.

"COVID-19 has really placed a dent on our sport. We hardly played any matches this year and worse off our plans were all thrown out of the window.

Moreover, softball has been facing a lot of financial challenges prior to COVID-19 we don't have any steady sponsors apart from individuals who have been doing an exceptional job in keeping the fire ablaze but there is only so much that they can do so we really need corporates to come on board and help the sport and the Zimbabwean populace at large to achieve that indefatigable prowess," said Wayne Diwayi, chairperson of the Falcons Softball club.


Source - Daniel Itai, Gweru, Zimbabwe