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Women vs. Men: Who's Better at Sports Gambling?

by Bryan Myers
12 Aug 2021 at 11:41hrs | Views
A few factors come into play when considering who's better at sports gambling: women or men. For starters, cultural and gender stereotypes, financial responsibility, and risk-taking play into it.

It's not that women are better at sports gambling than men or vice versa. It's that they play to win.

Women vs. Men Sports Betting Demographics
The sports betting demographics of women vs. men offer very little in the way of scientific data. A recent study conducted by YouGov (and HPL Digital Sport) in April 2021 provides some noteworthy information on the subject.

What percentage of gamblers are female? According to the study, 33% of bettors are women. (That represented a 5% increase from a previous study in 2020.)

Male vs. female gambling. The study also showed that the demographics of daily bettors were about the same: men, 18%; women, 17%.

Women also topped men in the following areas:

*Referrals for gambling sites from friends and family (41% women, 31% men)
*Engaging social media content (38% women, 30% men)
*Social betting events such as March Madness, boxing, and the Kentucky Derby
*Paid access to betting analytics for handicapping (20% women, 15% men)

The study's takeaway suggested:

"The growth of women bettors will only continue to expand and should not be an overlooked market. An operator looking to break the mold and take this demographic seriously will create true brand recognition."

As far as demographics go, you may also consider a study by Sports Betting Dime from October 2019. (A smaller sample size suggested 43% of bettors were women vs. 57% men.)

Other gambling sites point to a study on gender "commissioned" by 888 Holdings. But that study seems to be untraceable.

Yahoo Sports reported that and Australian sportsbook PlayUP in the U.S. both agreed. Women in sports betting remain an untapped demographic.

Are Women Better Betting On Sports?
Whether women are better than men at betting on sports depends on the source. Many gambling sites refer to the 888 Holdings "study."

But that could've been PR to garner new bettors. (Wink, wink.)

As far as facts go, few exist. Right now, it seems to be conjecture, speculation, and opinion.

The 888 Holdings "study" reported that women earned about a 20% ROI for their bets across all age groups. Men lost on average a total of 5%. (A negative ROI.)

It seems fishy, but who knows?

Those results claimed men were prone to betting more and that women wagered only $100 per month. Women were less emotional when it came to gambling, they said.

Who is "They"?

Women's Favorite Sports to Bet On
There's no official data on women's favorite sports to bet on. It's more generalized that they prefer social betting.

Also, women split sports fandom with men 50-50. Why do guys gamble more than girls? It could be a cultural thing in the U.S.

Keeping it simple, social betting might mean major events like the Super Bowl, World Series, etc.

Until there's enough data - or any, for that matter - it's hard to tell other than that.

According to some of the most trusted and online reliable sportsbooks, gender's irrelevant.

Key Factors Women Take Into Account to Bet
What are the key factors women consider before placing a bet? Trust, social media, social settings, and betting analytics. In other words, women prefer reliable sources.

So that could shed some light on the lack of data regarding who's better at sports gambling: men or women.

Legalized sports betting began in the U.S. back in 2018. It took more than three years for almost two dozen states to follow suit.

Thus, it could fall on the shoulders of sportsbooks and casinos to advertise more to women.

A second key factor for their demographic comes from engaging social media content.

In June 2019, a study from Statista reported that adult women over 18 used social media more than men. (65% men, 78% women.)

(That sounds like Bitcoin twelve years ago when it cost $1. Now it's worth 40,000 times that amount even after a considerable dip this year.)

For women to get more out of betting, the social environment requires a lot of stabilization.

As far as betting analytics go, data acquisition could offer more details on women. In the world of sports betting, it's lacking.

So, a trusted referral to a sportsbook. With enticing social media content. During a prime-time event that offers useful analytical data.

These four attributes form the critical factors for attracting female bettors.

There's not that much data on women vs. men in sports gambling. For starters, the industry is still new.

U.S. sports dominated by men in popularity resembles the societal structure. That doesn't mean, though, that things will always be the same.

Is gambling different for men and women? That depends on who you ask.

For now, men seem to bet a lot more than women do. And that's a reflection of the industry, which seems to be growing and changing all the time.

Authors Bio
Bryan Myers is a freelance writer from the U.S. In 2019, he traveled to 12 countries around the world. He also teaches English online. Currently, he's living in Da Nang, Vietnam. He's been writing for Safest Betting Sites since August 2019, covering the 2020 U.S. Election, entertainment, and sports betting.

Source - Bryan Myers