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All about NRL tipping competitions

by Staff Writer
15 Apr 2021 at 12:59hrs | Views
Most NRL tipping competitions have been ready since early February, and Rugby fans particularly in Australia are looking forward to being part of them. Tipping competitions allow users to pick their choices & compete against a global or hyper personalised audience - Most popular platforms let you create your own competition.

Before getting started on a new tipping competition it is important to have a look at some statistics, facts and tips on the NRL's 2021 season, so you can perform some analysis and make educated guesses through the competition. This will help you increase your chances of winning.  

Let's explore the process you need to follow to get started

Picking Your Tips

A user picks one team per game, who they think is most likely to win the game (that's called a tip).  The rules for a tipping competition may vary depending on the competition but the main principle remains the same: A player needs to pick as many correct tips for the games as possible. If the tips are consecutively accurate, then that adds up to their winnings. Users normally have to tip on a weekly basis.

Here's an example:

Let's say your team is the "Parramatta Eels", if you pick them on their first game and they win, you have made a winning tip. You can continue to do this as many times as you want, and the person with the maximum number of correct tips wins the overall tipping competition.

To enter a tipping competition, a player has to first register for it. Most websites have a dedicated registration page for the competition, and after registering, the individual is required to pick a nickname.

Some websites may even ask for a small registration fee, but normally the amount isn't much, and you can always win it back. Players have a good chance of making at least one correct tip, as there is a minimum of three to four games every week.

Once the registration is complete, you're in as an official competitor in the competition.

Define your competition: Global or Private

One of the most exciting features of tipping competitions is the ability to create private competitions with your friends & family. You can create a private group of competitors and keep tabs on their wins.

Public competitions are also available for those who want to compete globally against all the NRL tipping competitors. Globally competing is more extensive in scale but even more exciting.


A tipping competition works on one principle: An individual making the most correct picks consecutively through the competition will be the winner. But, it is possible that more than one player makes the same picks and the same number of correct tips. In such situations, tipping competitions use tie-breakers.

Each app has its way of breaking a tie, but some of the usual methods are,

Highest Score
The players who have tied for the first place have to guess the highest score a player or team will score in the match. The closest tip wins.

The player with the most number of correct tips (from week one to the present) wins.

Players have to predict the difference in scores between the two competing teams. The closest tip wins.

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