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Malema hits back at Mnangagwa

by Daniel Itai
29 Jul 2019 at 08:23hrs | Views
The souring life of Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe is becoming unbearable as each day progresses. With food inflation hovering just beneath the 200 percent mark urgency is needed to alleviate the pandemonium that Zimbabwe is facing.

Whilst addressing congregates at their 6th birthday bash in Nelspruit at the  KaNyamazane stadium in Mpumalanga on Saturday, the commander in chief of the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) Julius Malema, expressed his empathy for Zimbabwe, "Ramaphosa should intervene in the situation of Zimbabwe, we can't just watch whilst our brothers and sisters are suffering, during Apartheid they offered us assistance and we should also do the same."

The statement by Malema is a clear smack to Zimbabwe's President, Emmerson Mnangagwa's efforts of trying to "rebuild Zimbabwe" which he is seemingly failing to do.

According to Jee-A van der Linde an economist at NKC African Economics, things are not going well for Zimbabwe, "the economy is in bad shape and conditions continue to worsen, there is no doubt that the economy is going to suffer a contraction this year."

According to Zimbabwe Statics Agency (Zimstats) prices of basic goods from sugar, cooking oil, and building materials rose last month to as much as 200 percent.

The new currency which was introduced last month is seemingly not aiding Zimbabweans as most banks give if converted to United States dollars a maximum of $35 a week and the highest tender is a $5 note (Zimbabwean currency)

"If things continue to deteriorate like they have, it is probable that prices can snowball into a hyperinflation scenario," van der Linde said.

Source - Daniel Itai