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Euro 2021, what to expect from this year's tournament?

by Staff Writer
09 Jun 2021 at 14:09hrs | Views
When will Euro 2020 (2021) start, who will be the first to meet on the playing field, who, according to experts, can win this year, and which footballer will be recognized as the best bomber?

Euro 2021, what to expect from this year's tournament?

The coronavirus pandemic has made its adjustments to the usual life of football matches. Due to the high incidence in Europe, Euro 2020 has been postponed to next year - 2021. The fans miss their favorite competition and want to know, Euro 2021, what to expect from this year's tournament?

A few words about the winners of the last season

Euro (European Championship) is a competition where the most successful teams from all over Europe meet. It has been held every 4 years since 1960. The last time the teams met on the field was in 2016 in France. By the way, this country was hosting the Euro for the third time in its history.

The winner of Euro 2016 was the Portuguese national team, which defeated the French with a score of 1: 0. The Portuguese national team is still considered by many fans to be one of the luckiest in the history of football. This is largely because, for the entire time of the championship, it scored only 1 goal in the meantime of the match. In addition, it only made it to the playoffs because the rules were changed. Previously, the team that took 3rd place could not move to a new stage. In general, Euro 2016 left a huge amount of positive emotions, there were many controversial moments, spectacular goals.

What are the features of the Euro this year?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers decided to transfer Euro 2020 to 2021, keep the same name for commercial purposes, and the next tournament will be held in 2024 as previously planned. So, Euro 2020 starts on July 11, 2021, and will last a month.

Another difference is that earlier the championship took place only in one country (or in two neighboring ones), and this year 10 countries (11 cities and stadiums) will host Euro 2020, among them:
Initially, there was 1 more stadium, but the Irish authorities decided not to host Euro 2020 in Dublin, so this scheduled match will take place in St. Petersburg. The final of the competition will be held in London.

Another point, which is an innovation - a video assistance system for referees has appeared. It will allow the referees not to miss various teams' violations.

First predictions for Euro 2021

Even though the tournament has not started yet, the interest in it from both fans and bookmakers is already very high. In total, 24 teams will take part in Euro 2020, the first game will take place on June 11 between Turkey and Italy.

According to bookmakers, three teams have great chances to win Euro 2020: England, Belgium, and France. A wonderful composition of footballers and coaches has been created here, the teams have proven themselves well in other games, therefore they have a fairly low coefficient. They are followed by teams from Germany, Spain, and Holland. They also showed good odds, however, the probability of their winning is already a little less. At the same time, the vice-champion of the world - 2018 Croatia is somewhere in the middle of the standings. In addition, Bookmakers believe that the probability of victory for Ukraine and Russia is only 1%.

Also, the bookmakers already have certain predictions about the victory of the national teams in different groups:
A - Italy or Switzerland;
B - Belgium or Denmark;
C - Holland or Ukraine;
D - England or Croatia;
E - Spain, Poland, or Sweden.

At the same time, making predictions for group F is one of the most difficult, since mainly the most titled teams play here. Many bookmakers still have not decided who they see in the leading positions.

Another point that interests many fans: who will be the best football player in Euro 2020 (2021). Most bookmakers agree that the probability that the best player in England Harry Kane will score the most goals. He can be considered a real sniper because he scored more than half of all the goals of his team this season. Also, many fans are betting on the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, who deservedly became the best player of the year in Italy. Experts highly appreciate his chances of winning in Euro 2020, as he develops a fairly high speed, he is maneuverable, and easy to move.

As for the captain of the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo, the probability of his victory is not very high, but the bookmakers remember his merits, so they bet on him with relatively good odds.

Where to follow all Euro 2021 events

Many fans and this is the right strategy, try to rely not on the opinion of one expert, but to read the predictions of several at once. In addition, they study the history of the team, their composition, analyze the last few games, and only after that, they do a bet. This strategy allows them not to rely on chance, but to place their bets deliberately, which helps to increase their chances of winning. is a service that allows fans to find out more information about football, past and upcoming games. The creators of the service understand that sports betting is the main form of entertainment for football fans, therefore they provide all the information necessary for analysis.  If they are afraid to miss a match, they can always just put a note and they will receive a corresponding notification. Sometimes this feature can be very useful.

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