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Gafa boys shaved by Ribexy FC

by Gideon Madzikatidze in Harare
05 Nov 2023 at 13:41hrs | Views
Music icon, Winky D's social league team, Vigilance FC was left in interaction disarray where their prospects of dominating social media and fight against drug abuse in communities through sport was thwarted by Ribexy FC over the weekend.

The highly online social media-placed team's influence lost four (4-1) against one to Ribexy FC in an anti-drug campaign match that was played at the ZESA Training Centre in Harare.

The Gafa Boys were humiliated in a 4-1 loss, as Ribexy FC team's formation kept on giving them restlessness in the eighteen area.

It was however a provocative goal where Vigilance FC team's striker, Kaka scored their first lead goal against Ribexy FC, thirteen minutes of the first half commencement. After being edged by Vigilance FC with a goal to nil in the first few minutes of the match, the goalless Ribexy FC charged against Gafa Boys to claim victory.

Ribexy FC and Vigilance FC social football clubs are making strides throughout the country where the teams are engaging communities through football in their tireless efforts to fight drug abuse amongst youths in communities (both urban and rural).

In an interview after the game, Byron "Ribexy" Chireshe expressed their teams' commitment to fight drug and substance abuse through sport, and promised that since they are in their last quarter of the year, it is during the festive seasons that spike in drug and substance abuse become rife.

" We are intensifying our fight against drug and substance abuse as the youths, and our target is the enrollment of several matches for interaction and engagement with both victims and suspected traffickers, so that they understand all detrimental effects of drugs against the development of our economically active demographic groups in communities," Chireshe said.

"With Vigilance FC, we are not opponents, but rather fighting the same cause of drug and substance abuse. We are only left with a month and few days towards Christmas and that is where spike in drugs and substance uptake spikes, hence it is our duty as part of communities to campaign against such socio-economic and cultural ills which have retarded progress of our localities, " Chireshe close remarks.

Ribexy, Taku, Badra and Webo shared the scores for their team's claim to victory whilst only Kaka managed to score one goal in an effort to balance the shame of failure.

Source - Gideon Madzikatidze in Harare