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Singing Peace Amid Ever-Increasing Misery

by Maxwell Teedzai Entertainment in Harare
06 Feb 2016 at 14:42hrs | Views
Little-known Harare-based gospel artist, Robson Mandiki aka The Ambassador feels that at this juncture in the history of Zimbabwe musicians should apolitically seek to promote peace and unity amongst their fans.

'I did a peace project in 2013 and I'm currently working on another same project due this year, but this time with a heavier output,' said Mandiki.

Zimbabwe dying slowly and a melody of peace should be in the air to dispel it of the melancholic atmosphere of lamentation.

In 2010, The Ambasador did a solo debut album dubbed Nzwisiso (Comprehension) and the hitmaking tracks were Akauya Toenda (Rapture) and Wawingei (Why Pay Me A Visit), saw him gain popularity in the greater Harare metropolitan province.

His new peace project stresses on the need for people in Zimbabwe to be steadfast in the hope for change and remain focuses in their social duties of calling. His peace project which is in the recording studio now features prominent artists who have taken the the responsibility to educate the people of Zimbabwe on the path of peace and unity which pleases God the most.

This new peace project is singing in the dark skies of Zimbabwe at a time when many families have been left homeless. Since May 2005 up to date, the Government of Zimbabwe has launched relentless clean- up operation of its cities known as "Murambatsvina". It was described as a programme to enforce by-laws to stop all forms of alleged 'illegal' activities in areas such as vending, illegal structures, illegal cultivation" among others in its cities.

The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Koffi Annan, concerned by the adverse impact of the Operation on the lives of the urban poor, appointed a Special Envoy on Human Settlements Issues, led by Anna Tibaijuka, on 18 July, 2005, to assess the situation and present recommendations on how the conditions of those affected may be addressed.

But inspite of the UN's efforts the Murambatsvina scenario is still haunting millions of homeseekers countrywide. The hopes to these findings and recommendations have not proven to be helpful to the Government of Zimbabwe. Nothing has been done to mobilize for international assistance for the victims of Operation Murambatsvina and the people of Zimbabwe.

Operation Restore Order started ten years ago on 17 M ay 2005. Still underway, it has affected a wide cross- section of Zimbabwe's urban and rural population. Initially it was targeted at street vendors and those operating in the informal urban economy. To date the Operation has rapidly extended to the demolition of informal and formal settlements, and small and medium enterprises countrywide. Although a cross -section of the population was affected, the poor and disadvantaged are the worst-off. They include those who lost their homes, those who lost their livelihoods, and those who lost both. Many families are likely to become homeless as their houses have been built on local government unsanctioned land across the country.

Peace, and unity according to The Ambabssador must continue to ring in the minds of the hopeless masses of Zimbabwe. Mandiki is married to Aplonia and the two have two lovely boys.

Source - Maxwell Teedzai Entertainment in Harare