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Highlanders vs Dynamos - Live updates

by Sports reporter
11 Sep 2016 at 14:02hrs | Views
Highlanders 2 - 1 Dynamos

Highlanders beat Dembare for the second time this season. Bosso came froma goal gown but scored two goals in two minutes to take the lead

Game over

90'+1 Muduwa streatcherd off, he is coming back

90' Muduwa down injured

90' + 2 minutes injury time added

89'Mukamba with a good cross, headed out for another corner, Ariel Sibanda parries it out.

89' Corner Dembare

SUB BOSSO: Gabriel Nyoni In, Kutsanzira Out

88' Dembare creating lots of chances as Bosso fails to clear. Calls for hand ball as Muduwa blocks with a hand

87' Complacency creeps into Bosso's match, silly mistakes

84' Showboating from Nadolo and Muduva. Mukamba fouls Muduva after some showboating, Mukamba showing some sportsmanship, hugs his tormenter

83' Ralph Matema one on one with Mukuruva, Mukuruva saves

82' Poor defending from Honest Moyo, luck for him it's cleared. Kutsanzira showboating. Ralph Matema fails to beat a Dembare defender

82' Ralph Matema brings the ball down with some accuracy, Mukuruva saves Dembare

SYB DEMBARE: Valentine Ndaba In, Alimenda Out

80' Kutsanzira cross, cleared by Dembare

Soweto erupts

The so called Zimbabwe number 1 beaten twice in the space of 2 minutes. I guess Kapini was right

78' GOAL Highlanders - Ralph Matema header from a Peter Muduwa cross

77' Electric atmosphere at BF now as Bosso looks for a winner

SUB DEMBARE: Valentine Ndaba In, Mambare Out - No its did not go through. Mambare refused

What was Mukuruva doing?

75' GOAL Highlanders- Tendai Ndlovu from the corner kick

75' Corner kick to Bosso

72' Foul throw from Bosso

72' Matema a bit slow

70' Mudzingwa sends in a cross, Matema heads wide

SUB DEMBARE: Machazane OUT, Mutuma IN

68' Machazane fouls Ndlovu he is on a yellow card, referee pulls the yellow card, decides to put it back into his pocket. SHOCKING.

DRAMA as Machazane survives Red, again! Ref had pulled out a yellow card from his pocket and the defender pretended to be injured and while he was getting treatment outside the litch he was substituted for Mutuma.

66' SUB BOSSO: Nadolo IN, Munawa OUT

SUB DEMBARE: Chipunza IN, Mutasa OUT

63' Honest Moyo with a poor poor cross

62' Matema miskicks while attempting to set up an attack.

Matema has brought a different dimension to the Bosso attack.

61' Moyo with a free kick, Mukurava collects

60' Machazane pulls Prince free kick, referee books Mukandi instead. This was supposed to be Machazane's second yellow card. Machazane survives Red Card after pulling back Dube. Yellow card given to the wrong man Mukandi who remonstrates, saying it wasnt me, only to be told "Dzungu iwe dzikama!" by Captain Alimenda.

59' Poor ball from Munawa as Bosso looks for an equaliser

58' Kutsanzira fails to keep the ball in, goal kick Dembare

57' SUB Highlanders: Ralph Matema IN, Gahadzikwa OUT

56' Munawa rounds Alimenda and he is pulled down, Alimenda gets a yellow

55' Mudzingwa's free kick was poor and Dembare counters.

55' Bosso gets a free kick after Prince Dube was taken off the ball

54' Munawa sends a cross Dembare defends.

53' Dembare creating more chances now. Denver Mukamba shoots from a distance but way off the mark.

51' Bosso in a number of stray passes.

Mukuruva sent a long ball which bounced in between Bosso defenders and the Dembare striker was gifted an opportunity to shoot.

50' Ngulube with a cross, Ndlovu sets up but a weaker header. Dembare gets a chance from nothing, Ariel saves

50' Bosso failing to get out of its half.

49' Muduwa defends, he rounded Mukamba and in the process gets applause from Bosso fans

48' Very slow start to second half, I guess Dembare is happy with the tempo, Bosso has to up the tempo if they are to get something out of this match

47' Honest Moyo fouls Wisdom Mutasa, Dembare gets a free kick. Ariel collects

46' Tendai Ngulube sends a rugby cross

Second half resume

Dembare dab as they lead at BF

Half time

We are having some network challenges

38' Off side Mukamba

37' Mutasa sends a dangerous ball, Ariel misses, Alimenda heads wide

Corner kick count:  Highlanders 1 - 1 Dynamos

Corner Dynamos

36' Prince Dube waves past Mukandi, his cross saved by Mukuruva

31' Prince Dube gets a knock.

30' Mukamba with some showboating. Allen Gaha gets a yellow card. Dembare gets another free kick. Ariel punches to clear the danger

27' GOAL Dembare gets a dubious free kick dangerous position. Dembare scores through Masimba Mambare. Wisdom Mutasa flighted a free kick that was knocked down by Obey Mwerahari and well positioned Mambare had the easiest of tap-ins. Dembare grabs an opener against the run of play

25' Why is Prince Dube not in the Zimbabwe Warriors's squad?

25' Head injury to Bosso and Dembare players. Silence at Mpilo end where Dynamos fans are housed resembles a graveyard. Its now Mukuruva VS Bosso. Prince Dube and Kutsanzira creating all sorts of problems for a disjointed Dynamos. Mushure down injured after a collision with Ngulube.

24' Chance for Bosso, Mukuruva saves. Prince Dube challenging

23' Bosso is building from the keeper, Kutsvanzira showing Machazane some skill. Machazane is having a torrid time.

22' Bosso wins the ball, ref takes time to blow for a foul. The ball cleared and Dembare gets a throw in. Foul on Kutsanzira, turn over to Bosso

22' Dembare gets free kick taken by Mukamba, it's a good one into the Bosso area but cleared

21' Ariel Sibanda collects a long throw from Dembare player

21' Dembare not finding the formula at the moment

20' Mukandi shoves Nhlanhla off the ball

19' The break was causedd by Mukuruva, but he now ready to continue. We start again

18' WATER BREAK comes at the wrong time when Bosso has upped its tempo. Fans in good spirit

17' Gahadzikwa showboating now, passes to Prince, Prince fails to bring a cross, goal kick Dembare

16' Kutsanzira strikes, denied by the woodwork. Bosso upping the tempo. It was a cracker, Mukurava was absolutely beaten

16' Bosso chance again

15' Honest Moyo wins the ball but sends a poor cross

14' Looks like Bosso is now playing their normal game, not showboating though
13' Prince Dube nearly score, Mukuruva save Dembare. Munawa shoots saved again

13' Mukamba shoots from a distance, easy picking for Ariel

11' Dembare's Machazane handles just outside the box ref ignores it. Surprising, Machazane of Dembare gets a yellow card for the foul.

11' Mukuruva saves the corner after the second bite of the cherry. He parried it first

Corner kicks: Highlanders 1 - 0 Dynamos

11' Tendai Ngulube wins a corner of Mushure.

10' Passing has not been impressive for Bosso

9' Cross to Nhlanhla Ndlovu, he heads wide. Glorious chance for Bosso

5' Munawa pushed off the ball, referee waves play on.

Inside the first 4 minutes, Dynamos created two glorious chances with Mushure and Mukamba failing to put them away

4' Bosso player chases and forces a throw in for Bosso

3' Gahadzikwa fouled but Bosso's free kick was poor. Off side flag is up

2' Munawachooses wrong option, Dembare keeper collects

1' Dynamos has had 2 chances in the first minute

Dynamos kick us off

 Dynamos attack the Mpilo end in all Blue , Bosso in all white.

Unarmed Fawcett security guards, without even police dogs will provide security today

Full house at Barbourfields Stadium

Dembare players back to the dressing rooms, Bosso players remain on the pitch. A carnival atmosphere at Barbourfields stadium both sets of fans singing at the top of their voices. Highlanders fans louder as they significantly outnumber DeMbare fans. Its promising to be a great match

Source - Byo24Sports

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