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Innovations in wearables

by Tawanda Nomatom√°
16 May 2015 at 06:39hrs | Views
At first it was a thing to have a band and later it also became a thing to own a power bank because of untimely power cuts in Zimbabwe. But now somebody thought of putting the two together to make the first wearable universal charger called the Boost Band.

Boost Bank, is a wearable power bank with two combined batteries providing 1500mAh of power to juice your device. It is a universal power device housing standard  Mini USB port (input) that can be used to charge the bank and USB port (output) for connecting any charging cable.

On testing it proved useful, giving an iPhone 6 (1800mAh) about 80% extra battery life and a Samsung Galaxy S5 (2800) about 50% extra battery life.

The device proves worthy because it is hard to lose or even forget and can be an added advantage to the reduced weight of the things we pack for work or school.

This innovative idea was a work of two boys named Paul and David. It all started when David received a power bank as a gift. When he started using it a close friend made the comment that it would be nice if it were on your wrist. A few weeks later David had his first experience with a power bank at a musical festival. After losing two power banks and struggling to to keep his phone and GoPro charged, knew there had to be a better solution where you could keep it on you without extra effort. Once back David brought up the idea to Paul and they ran with it from there.

Source - Tawanda Nomatom√°
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