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TelOne changes area codes

by Staff reporter
08 Jun 2018 at 14:23hrs | Views
As the implementation of the $98 million National Broadband Project nears completion, TelOne is changing all the area codes and modifying telephone numbers countrywide.

The area codes have been reduced from 195 to just 20 in line with the International Telecommunication Union regulations.

The 20 area codes mean that some areas that previously had their own area codes are now sharing the same area code. For example, Ruwa whose area code was 0273, Norton 062, Arcturus 0274, Beatrice 065 and Chitungwiza 0270 are all now sharing the same area code with Harare which is 024.

Furthermore, all telephone numbers have also been modified and have different prefixes that have been added to the old numbers.

TelOne head of corporate communications Melody Harry said the National Broadband Project, which is at 95 percent completion, has modernised the fixed telecommunication company's exchanges and part of the network bringing with it a convergence of services.

The NBB project has also seen the implementation of the Harare-Beitbridge and Bulawayo-Beitbridge Backbone Fibre which has resulted in about 30 percent cut in Internet bandwidth landing costs which has been passed on to our clients who are now enjoying more from their packages.

Source - The Financial Gazette