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Everything you need to know about online shopping

by Agencies
02 Jul 2018 at 17:48hrs | Views
This new way of shopping gifts or service reservations has won over many users in recent years. To be pragmatic, buying on the internet is both time and money saving and it is especially more convenient than going to the store. Hence, you can order and receive without moving an inch. But, in order to shop online without having to worry about anything, you have to be careful. Let's take a look at the benefits of shopping online and the precautions you must take.

Why buy on the internet?
The first reason that pushes a buyer to make online shopping is related to the convenience of the system. Every day, at any time, all you need is a computer or smartphone to carry out your order. And you will receive your package directly at home, without having to move.

Prices on the Internet are often lower than in stores and also taken into account delivery costs. Buying on the internet means saving money. Not many know the possibility of further saving thanks to the discount codes. For example, portals like Plus Voucher Code allow you to maximize the savings of your purchases on the net.

Another advantage of online shopping comes from the many comments and customer reviews that you have access to on the sites. The products have been tested and users give their opinions to help potential buyers make good choices. This is the strength of the internet community! In a few clicks, you can also compare the prices of different items, in case of hesitation.

One of the disadvantages is that you will not have the product immediately, and you have to rely on a photo to get an idea of the quality. But what dampens buyers, most often, is the security of payment on the internet.

Some advice to buy on the internet safely

When you are preparing to buy an article online, you should take some precautions to avoid disappointment and choose the right method of payment:
  • Check the seriousness of the site, by doing some research on the net if you have a doubt. Or buy only on recognized shops (Fnac, Amazon, Cdiscount, Price Minister ...)
  • The pages you are shopping on must have an address that starts with HTTPS or have a small padlock in the address bar as security.
  • You can use a blue E-card, which will save you from having to provide your personal banking data when buying on the internet. These virtual cards are generated by your bank and their use is limited in time. You must subscribe to this service from your bank. In particular, know that Fortunéo offers the blue card free
  • You have the option to use an intermediary site that secures payments. The best known service is the one offered by Paypal. Fees are applied to each transaction.
  • Most banks have set up a system called 3D secure which allows you, during a payment, to receive an SMS notification for example, containing a verification code to be inserted on the merchant site.
  • You can use the NFC function of your smartphone which allows to pay without contact, with the equipped shops.

Source - Agencies