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4 stages towards success

by Tech Reporter
30 Oct 2018 at 14:01hrs | Views
Success is measured in various ways - tangible rewards such as trophies, professional rewards such as promotions, and even the simple feelings of achievement that success brings. But what is it that causes these emotions and why do we have such a drive towards achieving success?

The four stages towards success

The answer is quite simple - our brains are what focus us on achieving success. However, the science behind this drive is a little more complex, happening in stages. The first stage sees a surge of more aggressive behaviour, resulting in determination and a want to succeed. This determination then prompts an assessment from the brain on the risk vs reward of the activity and the reaction that is needed, depending on how intense the activity is. Behaviours and rewards are then linked together and remembered, so that the behaviours which achieve success can be repeated and, therefore, (hopefully) bring the same feelings of success.

More fascinating info on this can be found in the infographic below.

Source: Betway

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