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Want to watch blocked TV channels in South Africa? Here's how to get rid of the boundaries once and for All

by Tech Reporter
18 Jan 2019 at 10:07hrs | Views
The practice of regionally locking a TV channel is commonly seen across all parts of the world. If you'd like to tune in but aren't currently located in that country, you may be fresh out of luck. South Africa is no exception in this regard; even if you were to try accessing the content through online services like Kodi, Roku, and similar, you'd probably run straight into a geographical roadblock.

Is the situation beyond remedy then? Not by a long shot; in fact, all you need to address the problem and unlock the South African TV content is a VPN. By using it, you'll be able to change your IP into the one from any region you desire, thus being able to watch regionally-restricted content no matter where you're currently located.

Explaining the geo-blocks

The reason why some content is geo-blocked is simple: licensing agreements. Major media studios resort to this tactic to maximize their profits. As a result of this, you'll often see certain TV series premiering on different days in different countries. It's not uncommon to see specific regionally-restricted content become available worldwide as much as half a year later.

Online, the geo-blocks are put in place by restricting access based on your IP. By analyzing it, a server can tell where you're coming from, based on which you may be denied access. If you're not familiar with how IPs work – basically, every device that connects to the internet is assigned one of these by your internet service provider (ISP). So, a UK resident, for instance, may encounter trouble when trying to access geo-restricted content… without using a VPN, that is.

VPNs are your passport to accessing geo-restricted content

There are many reasons for using a VPN, one of which is to view regionally restricted content. By using a VPN, you can trick a server into believing that you're from another part of the world. In practical terms, by funneling your connection through one of these, it appears you're trying to connect from the VPN's IP address rather than your own, which is concealed from view.

Better yet, many providers have a vast selection of regionally-diverse IP addresses to choose from, allowing you to access geo-restricted content from wherever you'd like. For example, if you're a UK resident and you'd like to view South African TV channels, using a VPN will allow you to access all their shows, series, and movies your heart desires.

A couple of things to note before you jump straight into it

While using a VPN is undoubtedly an excellent way to bypass geo-blocks, there are a couple of things to keep in mind first:

- Make sure that the VPN provider offers IPs from the region you're interested in. Do not make the mistake of taking this for granted.

- Certain VPNs are free while others require a paid subscription. Even with a paid VPN, don't assume that you'll able to access content that's hidden behind a paywall for free.

- When you're using a VPN to access regionally-restricted content, depending on the provider, this may be considered a terms of service violation. Consequently, the provider may decide to terminate your account at their sole discretion. This is not a guarantee by any means; however, it is a risk that you need to be willing to take. If you value the safety of your Netflix account, for example, think before proceeding.

- Certain streaming services have the technology to identify VPN connections and prevent them from accessing the stream. It's possible that a VPN's IP gets flagged, essentially making it useless for that purpose. While larger VPN providers have a large-enough pool of IP's so that such a scenario is much less of a problem, smaller ones may get a large portion of their IP pool blocked. Moreover, modern VPN providers have the means and the technology to mask the fact that you're hidden behind one, thus making your geo-restriction bypass attempt more likely to bear fruit.

- In today's article, we've mainly discussed bypassing geo-blocks put in place by browser-based streaming platforms. If you want to do the same thing on a TV, there's a way to do it, but bear in mind it's an entirely different process that's more complex in comparison.


When choosing your next VPN to access geo-restricted content, always do your due diligence. Some providers allow you to connect multiple devices through one, which allows you to enjoy your favorite content in any way you like.

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